Fall is the time for warm, rich and cozy colors. These season-inspired rooms will make you crave a color change.

Chocolate Metallics  

Rich colors and textures working together can create a cozy, opulent hideaway. In this bedroom shades of brown — ranging from chocolate brown to cognac to camel — play out on the headboard, wall art, bedding and window treatments. Add more drama with painted walls or rich exotic accessories. Use different textures like a rustic wood headboard, jacquard bedding and luxuriously smooth sheets for dimension.

Falling Leaves Coverlet and Accessories

Scarlet Red & White 

Red is a decorator’s secret weapon. Of all techniques used to alter a room’s look and feel, few transform like a punch of red. The contrasting palette of scarlet red, taupe and white gives this living room a modern twist. Warm white walls, furniture and cushions provide the perfect backdrop for crimson pillows, rug and wall décor. Repeating the scarlet red color on accent pieces brings the white to life.

Red & White living room scene

Grays & Blues 

Classic charcoal flocking meanders over a light gray background for an intimate, cozy bed. Brush a hand over the inviting lush texture and you’ll never go back to ordinary bedspreads. Accent with a textured rug and elegant white walls. Include several lighting sources – lamps, sconces, walchieres –  in darker room for bursts of light and atmosphere any time of day.

Filigree Flocked Comforter

Sapphire Blue & Gold 

Warm and soothing doesn’t have to be boring. This room’s rich sapphire blue palette begins with the wall and headboard. Oversized iridescent flower wall art provides the foundation accent. A lush velvet blue, teal and turquoise quilt paired with crisp golden sheets complete the look. Furniture and accent pieces are carefully arranged to create a calm, relaxed mood.

Jewel Velvet Bedding