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Romantic decorating style for your interiors

When it comes to decorating your home, you have many style trends you can choose from. Rustic themes incorporate wooden and woodsy pieces to make your house feel warm and inviting, while more modern ideas rely on sleek lines and neutral colors. If you’re looking for decor that is sweet and charming, then romantic accessories are right up your alley. Here’s how you can adorn the interior of your home in this style:

The right bedroom furniture is key

When we think of romance, we think of luxury. This decorating trend means creating a space fit for a queen, so appropriate furniture for the bedroom is necessary to truly complete the interior. A canopy bed with gauzy curtains enables a little privacy, while a gold or rose gold bed frame is classy and simple. You can also incorporate a more intricate headboard, one in a romantic blush color or shape that invites you to jump in. Lastly, add a vanity and bench set for the final touches on your romantic bedroom.

Romantic sheer white lace bedspread and matching shams, with lavender and a Grecian lady planter on a sunny window ledge.

Mix and match textures

While furniture is critical to creating an amorous and whimsical home, these pieces wouldn’t have the same effect without extra embellishments. Start by choosing colors like stark whites, light metallics, pastels or heather grays. Feel free to use dark hues if you wish, just look for ways to balance deeper shades with lighter items. Once you’ve selected your preferred colors, search for textures that complement one another. A velvet contemporary rug pairs well with linen curtains and luxury bedding sets. Add some decorative pillows to the mix, and you’ll create a room you never want to leave.

“Hang delicate candles and sconces in your home.”

Illuminate with candles

Scatter candles throughout the various rooms of your home instead to add a romantic touch without stepping too far into the past. Even though you can’t light your home exclusively with candles, keep the look consistent with delicate candle wall decor and sconces and look for decorative lamps with intricate shades to make your living room and other common spaces feel more plush.

A large capiz wall flower with two matching sconces with lit candles, above a bed with a tufted linen headboard.

Flowers are a must

There’s nothing like receiving flowers from a loved one. This gesture is sure to stick in your mind, so why not use that sentiment in your home? You can’t go wrong with fresh flowers placed in beautiful vases from room to room, but there are other options as well. Incorporate these accents with floral wall art, bedding or other home accessories such as terrariums.

A large wall canvas of two dahlias in turquoise and brown, a tan sofa and chair, toss pillows, and a swirled throw rug.


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