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Hot Styles for Your Hot Guy from Marcellas Reynolds

Marcellas Reynolds for Midnight Velvet

There comes the day when you look over and realize that guy sitting next to you on the sofa isn’t going anywhere. And then you think “Hmmm… Is he wearing sweats?” and “Are those socks with his flip flops?” “Is that the same tee shirt he’s been wearing since college?” Or worse “If he puts on that same blazer from 1982 to go to dinner tonight I’m gonna scream!”

Did you know style is just as important to men as it is to you?

Men often get stuck in style ruts because shopping is just not as important to them as it is to women. They think if the shirt is clean, wear it. “Why do I need a new black suit when I have one already?” Even when that suit is 10, 15, 20 years old! Men are often overwhelmed by shopping because they are taught it’s vain to care about their appearance. Or they never really learned how to dress well. But the truth is style is just as important to men as it is to women. Dressing well imparts an air of success to the wrld. It helps you to be seen as competent in the work place. It changes the way that others deal with and treat you

You dress for who you want to be. If you want to be the CEO, dress like a boss. If you want to command respect, dress with class and panache. If you want your spouse to look at you with that mixture of love and lust (you know the look) then get a haircut, a manicure and pedicure and put on the outfit that makes you look sensational.

The basics to style for menvariety of men's clothing & accessories

It’s such an amazing time in menswear. There has been a real return to dressing up thanks to hit television shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. There is even a fashion and style television network for men, Esquire (based on the successful fashion magazine). As a stylist I teach my male clients the basics: Clothing should fit well and be tailored. Oversize clothes make a man look sloppy so good fit is key. Double vented blazers create a nicer line than single vented. Double breasted blazers can add bulk to a bigger frame. A navy blazer is the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe. Pleated pants are done, as are cuffs. Flat front trousers make everyone look thinner and taller. Every man should own a few pairs of dark jeans with no distressing or whiskering.  A great pair of wingtip shoes go with everything from suits, to slacks, to jeans.

Accessories make the man

Once you have the basics down the fun begins. Accessories make the man. As with women, accessories make an outfit special and express the personality of the wearer. It’s fairly easy to upgrade your man’s style quota. The pocket square, tie clips and hats are back and send a strong sartorial message. If you want to invest in something that immediately upgrades a man’s wardrobe it’s a good watch by a watch maker, NOT a designer. Rolex is a watch maker. Gucci is a designer. Tag Heuer is a watch maker. Michael Kors is a designer. Every man should own good shoes and they should be polished and well maintained. If women are judged by the purses they carry then men are judged by the watch and shoes they wear. Yes, men judge each other on what they wear too!

Ladies here’s a few easy ways to up the ante on your guy’s style:

– Buy new shirts that fit. A good shirt fits close to the body without being tight.
– Ties are a cool way for your guy to add panache to a suit.
– Pocket squares are a fun new accessory that most men will actually wear!
– Try a pair of suede wingtips in brown or navy. You’ll be amazed how versatile they are.
– The fedora is back. Unleash your guy’s inner Don Draper in a great black or grey fedora.

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And if you have any style questions for you or your man, comment below! For MV I’m Marcellas Reynolds, your personal stylist!

Comments (2)

Hi Marcellas, I love your style, I wish I cool get my husband to get his fashion back! But the problem he has is finding the right fit. He’s short about 5’2- 5’3 middle age, long body, but short legs . How do we dress him to look classy and sexy . Forgot to mention his inseam is 27-28 inches.

Gemini thanks so much for the note. Yes finding the right fit is key for every one! Has your guy tried having things made custom for him? There are so many custom menswear companies getting into the fashion game now. is my personal fave! Once you get the clothes right it’s all about the accessories so come back here and see my ideas!

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