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Best Colors Dark Skin Tone

10 Flattering Colors to Accentuate Deep Skin Tone

Building a Wardrobe: The Most Flattering Colors for Dark Skin

When it comes to the best fashion colors for dark skin, a lot of fashion coverage misses the mark. Many lines and look books are advertised and designed with lighter skin tones in mind.

But fashionistas of color have resources like this, where we break down all the colors that look good on brown skin. So, if you are wondering what colors look good on dark skin, we have you covered.

What Are the Best Colors for Dark Skin?

Let’s say this right off the bat: You can wear anything you want. Any style, any color, any size. Cover your hair, show your midriff. It’s not up to anyone but you.

That said, we all have colors, styles, and fits that are more or less flattering for your unique characteristics. If you have a rich, dark skin tone, these are the colors that compliment brown skin.

Every person’s skin has its own variances. While two people may have a fair complexion, the tone of their coloring may be cool, warm, or neutral. As a result, certain colors of clothing better highlight their skin than others. Here are ten shades perfect for people with various tones of dark skin depending on the season:


In the winter and fall, it is best to choose more subdued colors. Saturated jewel tones can work wonders for the season and are some of the best clothing colors for dark skin.

1. Cobalt

Cobalt is a dark rich blue. It has more life than navy and can be worn more festively. Named for the element with the same deep blue color, cobalt is a versatile fashion color for many skin tones, but especially darker ones. Jewel tones emphasize the rich tone of deep skin. 

Cobalt is a favorite shade for Michelle Obama, who has worn it many times, including on the cover of Vogue.

Clothing Items: Cobalt is especially striking in long dresses and caftans. It can also be well used in women’s pants suits.

Accessories: Cobalt purses have long been in fashion for high-end designers such as Michael Kors. Snag the look with totes and clutches.

Jewelry: Jewelry featuring cobalt-colored gems and stones are absolutely eye-catching, offering a bright pop when laying over darker skin tones.`

Shoes: A bright blue shoe with an otherwise staid outfit makes an amazing statement in the workplace.

2. Red

Red offers so much variety. This shade evokes passion and power, but it can be a bit bold for some people. Whether you want to go with bright scarlet – like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez often does – or a deep ruby, red hues are colors that look good on brown skin.

Clothing Items: Don’t go too big with red unless you are ready to make a statement. Red can be a great color to incorporate as a print on a blouse or a blazer thrown over more neutral items. 

If you do indeed intend to make a statement, pick a red with undertones that match your complexion’s undertones (warm or cool) and go all out. There’s not much like a structured, red dress to let people know you have arrived.

Accessories: Headbands, hats, scarves, gloves, tights, purses, and more are all perfect places to sneak some red into your wardrobe. They’re a small way to get used to this statement color.

Jewelry: Ruby stones or red lacquered jewelry are classic pieces that pair well with neutral outfits. 

Shoes: If a blue shoe with a staid outfit is good, a red shoe is better. Look for ballet flats and heels in eye-catching reds.

3. Emerald

Channel the popular gemstone with emerald green clothing. Some greens blend into the background, but emerald was made to stand out. This saturated hue looks beautiful on cool-toned dark skin. The hue is very calming to the eye, but rich and luxurious in tone. 

Clothing Items: Watch for velvet items made in emerald green. This classic combo not only looks great but can get you into seasonal moods from early fall through Saint Patty’s day.

Accessories: Remember “Confessions of a Shopaholic’s” emerald green scarf? Punch up a work outfit with this lux accessory.

Jewelry: Emeralds and green costume jewelry catch the light in unique ways. Choose chunky-cut stones as statement rings and earrings.

Shoes: Emerald shoes can really work in a monochromatic outfit where you’re also wearing an emerald dress or bottoms.

4. Violet

Purple is a romantic color, combining stability and energy. Dark purple, or aubergine, is associated with royalty for a reason. Be a queen draped in this jewel-toned, winter shade.

Clothing Items: Incorporate violet into any clothing item, from satin blouses to patterned trousers to leather motorcycle jackets. Violet may just be the best dress color for dark skin.

Accessories: Violet leather gloves peeking out below your sleeves give a fashionable edge to a gray or camel winter overcoat.

Jewelry: Violet amethyst stones are often an affordable, semi-precious stone to up your jewelry game.

Shoes: Suede boots are often issued in a violet shade. Keep an eye out for these to make your winter footwear a little more interesting.

5. Pink

Here we’re talking specifically about rich winter pinks (although pale pinks look great on darker skin tones as well). This warm tone compliments complexions with similar rosy undertones. Blush tones look great on dark skin, as they contrast perfectly with the deep skin tones. 

Clothing Items: Embrace this bold jewel tone for dresses, blouses, and casual shirts alike. Consider this Pink Selene Maxi Dress as a shining example.

Accessories: Sunglasses often come with darker pink frames. Getting a classic style in this bold color gives you a unique look.

Jewelry: Look for dark pink stones and floral, cast jewelry that incorporate this color. However, these may lean slightly more toward summer looks. Use your best judgement here.

Shoes: A classic pink heel is every Christie O’Neil Barbie girl’s dream.

6. Gold

Think like royalty with this metallic hue. Gold accentuates the dark color of your skin. 

Clothing Items: Currently being updated.

Accessories: Currently being updated.

Jewelry: If you’re looking for simple pieces, go with fine gold jewelry to complete your outfit.

Shoes: Currently being updated.

A color wheel on a white background.


Everything lightens up in spring and summer fashion, which makes for a great contrast when with clothing colors for dark skin. 

7. White

Talk show legend Oprah Winfrey has been wowing in white for decades. White isn’t just one color that works with dark skin tones, but rather many different ones. While almost everyone can wear white, those with deeper skin tone can experiment with different variations of the color. A stark shade will make you stand out, while an off-white pairs well with neutral colors

Consider trying the following:

  • Snow White
  • Off-White
  • Ivory
  • Ecru

“Individuals with deeper skin tone can experiment with different variations of the color.

Clothing Items: Linen pants, summer dresses, halter tops, shorts, cropped pants, bikinis, fitted white tees. White is another color that can be made into anything. Play with different shades of white to see what pops the most on your unique skin tone.

Accessories: Who doesn’t love a pair of white sunglasses with dark, dark lenses. White frames against darker complexions are fire. 

Jewelry: Playing with white jewelry can be so much fun. From boardwalk puka shells to high-end pearls, work these eye-catching necklaces, bracelets, and rings to your advantage.

Shoes: So popular in recent years, the squeaky-white tennis shoe is holding steady in the fashion world. Swap these out for something more formal with white strappy wedges.

8. Orange

This robust color is almost impossible to wear on anything but deep complexions. Lean into the contrast it creates for a fun, striking look. You’re sure to catch people’s attention with orange pieces.

Clothing Items: Like red, there is such a thing as too much orange. But don’t be afraid of it. Use orange strategically in prints, maxi dresses, and kimono wraps.

Accessories: Hats and purses in orange are the perfect summer statement. Pop that color with abandon.

Jewelry: Bold, in-your-face necklaces and heavy earrings in orange can take an outfit from ok to outstanding.

Shoes: Orange flip-flops are a classic summer look. Pair with denim shorts and a light top for a fun, summer vacation look.

9. Light Yellow

Show others your joy by wearing light, pastel yellow. This spring color can easily transition to summertime, making it perfect for when the weather is warmest. Light yellow was made for darker complexions. Pale yellows often wash out lighter skin tones, but on brown skin, it looks vibrant and rich.

Clothing Items: Tank tops and dresses are a great way to sport this lemony hue. Headwraps are particularly striking in yellow

Accessories: Get that Freida Pinto scarf you’ve been wanting all these years.

Jewelry: Yellow jewelry can be hard to come by, but look for chunky plastic costume jewelry to incorporate this color into your look.

Shoes: Sandals and wedges in yellow are the quintessential “pop of color” all the fashion gurus talk about. Directly next to your dark complexion, this color works for you.

10. Lavender

We can’t just let fall and winter have all the purples. Light lavender is as equally complementary to darker skin tones as violet, and a strong choice for people with deep tones.

Clothing Items: If you have a spring or summer wedding to attend coming up, a lavender dress is unbeatable. Paired with white wedges or nude pumps, this classic look in pastel will win you compliments.

In everyday life, lavender t-shirts and sleeveless dresses are a great way to incorporate this color into your wardrobe.

Light colors like lavender can be a little difficult to wear as bottoms, but daring to go bold with pastel cropped pants can have great results.

Accessories: Hairbands and hair scarves in lavender are the perfect accessory for late spring and early summer.

Jewelry: Floral earrings in lavender are a popular option to bring this light purple into a jewelry collection.

Shoes: Flip-flops, slides, ballet shoes – all of these are a good place to add the gentle pop of lavender into your outfit. 

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