Every person’s skin has its own variances. While two people may have a fair complexion, the tone of their coloring may be cool, warm or neutral. As a result, certain colors of clothing better highlight their skin than others. Here are ten shades perfect for people with various tones of dark skin:

1. Gold

Think like royalty with this metallic hue. Gold accentuates the dark color of your skin. If you’re looking for simple pieces, go with fine gold jewelry to complete your outfit.

2. Cobalt

Jewel tones emphasize the rich tone of deep skin, no matter the shade. You’ll see a few more on this list, but clothing such as a cobalt blue dress works wonderfully with fashion jewelry sets.

3. Red

Make others adore you by wearing the color of love: red. This shade evokes passion and power, but it can be a bit bold for some people. Red peep toe heels add a little sass to any look!

4. Emerald

Channel the popular gemstone with emerald green clothing. The hue is very calming to the eye, but rich and luxurious in tone. An embellished top in a comfortable fabric will take this color from day into night.

“Individuals with deeper skin tones can experiment with variations of white.”

5. White

While almost everyone can wear white, those with deeper skin tone can experiment with different variations of the color. A stark shade will make you stand out, while an off-white pairs well with a neutral women’s blazer.

6. Violet

Purple is a romantic color, combining stability and energy. Add a touch of violet to your wardrobe with a clutch purse or crossbody handbag in the shade.

7. Orange

You’re sure to catch people’s attention with orange pieces. Try a tunic top in this color with a pair of women’s skinny jeans.

8. Pink

Blush tones look great on dark skin, as they contrast perfectly with the deep tone of people’s complexion. Don’t be afraid to wear pink dress sandals with a colors like cobalt and violet.

9. Light yellow

Show others your joy by wearing light, pastel yellow. This spring color can easily transition to summertime, making it perfect for when the weather is warmest.

10. Lavender

On the lighter end of the purple spectrum, lavender is a strong choice for people with deep skin tones. Try a flowy top in this shade paired with printed pants for a fun look.