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Creating a sanctuary with home decor

Your home is a place where you should feel rejuvenated, safe and at peace. However, the chaos of life often gets in the way. Turn your space into the sanctuary it was meant to be by creating little nooks throughout. Here are home decor ideas meant to transform your abode into a retreat:

Incorporate color theory

Colors all create their own moods and come with unique meanings. Use this to your advantage by choosing colors for your space that promote wellness, relaxation and calm. In fact, just reading those words probably gives you some ideas. Were you thinking blue, teal, green and lavender? Traditionally, cool colors tend to create a subdued ambiance in a space. What’s more, they pair well together, allowing you to choose your favorites. Here are the specific psychological effects of cool tones:

Blue, especially lighter tones, is the color of peace. It promotes ease and harmony in a space.

Variations of teal, such as aqua and turquoise, are perfect for creating calm. They also promote dreaming.

A filled turquoise etagere with a mirror back, a drawer and two glass doors, gold handles and accents, and art bowls on top.

Green is the color of plants, so it’s often associated with growth, healing and rebirth. It will freshen up the nooks in your home.

Light purple hues are linked with spirituality, making them ideal for spaces you use for reflection or prayer.

A purple plush armchair with a silver swirl toss pillow, in a room with white wainscot panels and wood floors.

Choose a location

What kind of sanctuary are you trying to make? Consider your goals for the space, as they will help you choose colors, location and decor. For instance, you may want a reading nook, crafting area, sleep sanctuary, prayer space or work spot. What you do in those places differs. For many, the main goal might be to retreat and get alone time. For others, goals include removing distractions. With your intent defined, you can pick a color scheme and location in your home. In general, small, secluded spaces are ideal for a sanctuary. However, even your living room can be a calming environment.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of choosing a nook outside of color and decor. Natural light can boost your energy and improve your mood, benefits that go hand in hand with a sanctuary space.

Find furniture

Knowing what you’ll do in your sanctuary will help you select home furniture that’s both functional and calming. In almost all cases, you’ll need seating. If you plan to recline, an accent bench or sofa is your best bet. Or, go for a chair and ottoman combo. This lets you save a little space, add extra storage and relax.

In addition to seating, invest in a surface, whether it’s a small accent table or a desk. That way you can set down a drink and your book or have a place on which to journal. A desk with storage lets you put your items away when you’re done.

If your sanctuary space is located in a high-traffic area of your home, add some privacy by decorating with a room divider screen. It can help you feel secluded and add decorative value to the area.

A white blooming rose side table with a round glass top, exposing the flower beneath, with books and a plant on top.


With your sanctuary nook picked out and furnished in the color of your choosing, you can add those finishing touches that really make it feel like a retreat. For starters, invest in decorative candle holders. Scented candles give you an aromatherapy experience with calming lighting right in your home, and housing them in a unique container only adds to the ambiance.

Plants improve air quality and are proven to make you feel more energized and positive – it’s why many offices are decorated with plants. At home, pick flowers that make you happy and match your space. Pillows are a must for feeling cozy, so grab ones that fit your sanctuary theme. And, finally, fill the walls. Decorative mirrors can help bring natural light to spaces that feel a little dark.

Find serenity right at home with the right colors, space, furniture and accessories.

A set of three sizes of starburst wall mirrors with center round beveled mirrors, and radiating mirror sections.


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I like the advice you gave about creating a relaxing environemt with home decor by choosing colors that are calm and promote wellness. My wife gets really stressed at her job, so I’ve been thinking of ways to make our home more peaceful. That way she can unwind and be stress-free. I’ll see what she thinks about changing our interior home decor to be more relaxing colors. Thanks for this helpful advice.

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