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Exotic home decor to spice up your home’s interiors

Every so often, your home needs a little sprucing up. Depending on your interior ideas and budget, you’ll have to decide if you want to complete an entire revamp of certain rooms or add some new pieces to give spaces a fresh feeling. The latter concept enables you to test out items until you feel your home decor meets your design desires. Here are just a few exotic embellishments that will spice up interiors:

Accent your taste

Looking for a medium-size piece that will add some flavor to your space? Try a unique accent table in an unexpected design. Consoles in a wooden finish will not only give you additional storage space, but they’ll also stand out among the rest of your furniture. A metallic version or decorative accent pieces with multiple shelves lets you to show off your taste without forfeiting functionality. Choose a table that suits your preferences and offers a sense of originality. Guests will leave your home wondering, “Where did she get that?” The secret is yours to keep!

A lit coffee table made of an orange screen behind woven wicker, with a metal top holding a book and round wicker balls.

“Dividers provide both dimension and privacy.”

Fold for privacy

It’s common to think “How would I use that piece in my own home?” Everyone has that one particular item that they love, but hesitate to include in their interiors. Take the folding screen, for example. These dividers provide both dimension and privacy to the rooms in which they’re featured. Use them in bedrooms to create a changing space or place them in your living room as a stand in for wall art sets.

Dress from head to toe

No space is complete without a focus on floor coverings. When creating an exotic interior, it’s important to think of the room much like you would fashion. No outfit or space is truly finished until every element, from the floor and up, is considered. Contemporary rugs come in many shapes and sizes, allowing designers to choose one-of-a-kind coverings. Multi-piece sets can be placed in various arrangements, whether it’s around a dining room table or individually used throughout an interior. Patterned versions help complete your decorative vision, so don’t forget this vital design staple.

A black area rug with large baroque swirls of white, gray and purple, and purple books on a nearby silver plant stand.

Embellish with wall art

If you’re looking to keep your larger home furniture pieces in place and simply change out smaller accents, wall art is a smart way to reinvigorate an interior. Select a canvas with an embellished figure or animal of your preference or choose an abstract or geometric pattern to add some color to neutral walls.


An Afrocentric wall canvas of a black woman holding a wine glass, in a colorful headwrap, full skirted dress, and jewelry.


Comments (7)

She did not see the Art all she seen was color That speaks volumes about the person

This a beautiful picture I will be ordering it for my living room, ethnicity should’nt be an issue here. she encourages beauty and elegance.

Why see the color of the person in the picture and not the artistic beauty?


I am Hispanic. That peacock lady should include all ethnicities

Thanks for the feedback Marian.

I love this piece! Young to order it soon. I’m lost on the ethnicities comment though…

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