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Creating a cozy and elegant bedroom in 3 easy steps

Your bedroom is more than a sanctuary – it’s your throne room. As such, your bedroom decorations should celebrate the queen that you are while still creating a warm, cozy environment. Here are three tips for creating a warm, regal space in your home:

Make your bed the focal point

The style of bed you choose sets the tone for the rest of the room, so you want a spread that matches your elegant nature. When looking for bed comforters, quilts and sheets, opt for metallics and jewel tones over matte, neutral colors for a more queenly look. Similarly, choose rich patterns like damasks or quatrefoils instead of flat, geometric options for a touch of flair. Don’t forget the headboard – anything with velvet, gold or plush will make your bed fit for a queen.

A gold and burgundy baroque print bedspread with matching shams, pillows, and curtains, with a gold bed crown and drapes.

Add a fireplace

“What’s more warm and regal than a fireplace?”

A cozy bedroom is all about warmth, and what’s more warm and regal than a fireplace? A portable version gives you the ambiance of a lovely cabin without the hassle. Pick up a fireplace with carved decorations, set it across from your bed, and snuggle up under your new comforter on a cold night.

A lit black electric fireplace TV stand with open storage for receivers, books, and more, and a red, black and white rug.

Finish with royal touches

Your space isn’t complete without the bedroom decorations that truly make it yours. Like fashion accessories, these add unique flair to your home.

First, start with the drapes, which are arguably the second biggest feature next to your bedspread. You don’t want the exact same pattern – that’s a fashion no-no akin to matching your shoes to your handbag – but your curtains, blankets and pillows should work well together. Search for the same general basics like jewel tones and patterns, but perhaps pick a complementary color or a different fabric. For a nice finishing touch, use gold tiebacks to hold your drapes open.

Next, choose furniture that embodies royalty. This scrolled crown will look beautiful over your regal sheets, and you can hang drapery from it for added coziness. Add a vanity so you can apply your makeup like a Hollywood diva, and rest your feet on this fur-covered stool with a gold frame.

Finish your elegant bedroom with your favorite wall decor – perhaps a portrait or an inspirational quote. Decorative candle holders are also a nice option, and they’re perfect for adding romance. At the end of the day, your bedroom decorations should make you feel absolutely fabulous.

A trio of rose gold metal candle holders mounted on a flat rose gold base, holding three lit votive candles.

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