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Decorating with exotic animals

Zebras, elephants and lions: oh my! Animals represent ferocity, freedom and grace, making them the perfect addition to a living space you want to imbue with energy. No matter what your favorite jungle creature is, it can become the theme of whatever room you’re decorating. Finding the right way to marry animals with the rest of your design components requires creativity. Unleash your wild side with these tips for incorporating exotic animals into your interior design.

Accent your space

Every room should have a centerpiece – that one thing that stands out, holds the theme together and makes your guests ask, “where did you get that?” Accent tables for the living room can be that centerpiece in an area dedicated to exotic animals. Pick out tables supported by your favorite mammals, such as an elephant. Whatever animal holds your surface should be elsewhere in the room to help tie the look together.

A light blue and white glazed elephant figurine with a raised trunk, saddle blanket and platform saddle.

Accent furniture featuring your favorite exotic animal can stand out.

Unleash some art

Wall art is a design-minded person’s best friend. It can be the foundation upon which you create a theme. So if you’re in the market for exotic animal decor, check out prints, paintings and unique hangings. For instance, masks bearing the visage of a giraffe are one-of-a-kind. For something more traditional but still outstanding, hang a wall art set, which features several panels that together create a full image.

A colorful canvas of a lion's head on a black background, hanging on a textured wall.

Treat yourself

Curtains pull a space together, allowing you to incorporate prints and colors as a pop that draws your eye to the window. So when it comes to creating an eclectic room, there are few better places to which to turn than window treatments. Opt for bold zebra- or cheetah-print luxury curtains or comforter to make the exotic animals the highlight of the space. Or, if you’re looking for a more subtle approach, choose treatments that complement other decor pieces your space is sporting. For instance, a room with leopard-print decorative throws could rock black or tan curtains. This ensures your design is cohesive.

A bedroom setting in white, black and gold, with an animal print bed set, two starburst mirrors, and a lit lamp on a table.

Make a menagerie

A prowling tiger, a lumbering elephant, a grazing giraffe: These animals can all call your space home. Animal figurines make your exotic theme a 3-D experience. Not only that, but they can make a room feel complete. Without those little accents, mantles, tables and shelves can feel barren. But figurines create that elegantly lived-in vibe. A perfectly placed elephant or giraffe, for instance, is that secret ingredient that completes your eclectic space.

A brass and brown figurine of a sitting giraffe.

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