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Decorating with Figurines

Have you ever felt like your home needed an extra something? Even after you’ve styled an entire room, it could be lacking the certain look you want to accomplish. So how do you fix that without having to redo your entire room? Try a figurine. Here are eight tips for decorating your house with figurines:

1. Choose One Based on a Theme

Odds are your home is full of rooms with themes. Is your bathroom nautical? Try a starfish or a ship-wheel statue. Does your living room give off that bohemian vibe? Try an exotic animal figurine like an elephant or a lion. There is definitely a figurine that will fit with any theme you may have.

Set of 2 Elephant Figurines
Set of 2 Elephant Figurines

2. Don’t overdo it

If you’re adding these accessories to your home, it’s important to know how to place them effectively. Don’t put too many in one room. Several statues in one place can make the room look messy. Instead, scatter them around your home so everything looks complete, not cluttered.

Don't put too many home accessories in one room.

3. Put them in high-populated areas

You’re proud of your figurines, so you definitely want to show them off as best as you can. When choosing a place to put them, consider areas where visitors often are. Don’t hide them away in basements or bedrooms. Instead, place them on a shelf by the front door or side  tables in the family room.

4. Consider seasonal figurines

If you want your home to look festive, then decorate than with a seasonal statue. Christmastime is the perfect opportunity to showcase your angel figurines or nativity set. That way, your home will look jolly and inviting.

Angel with Child Figurine
Angel with Child Figurine

5. Try a garden

There’s no better place for figurines than in a garden. Do you have a gnome you just love? Place a statue in the garden for that extra charming decor. Don’t have a green thumb? No worries, a gnome will look just as good on your lawn or front porch.

Peacock Figurine
Peacock Figurine

6. Keep them safe

Be sure not to place this decor in any area where small children or pets can get a hold of it. You don’t want to see your dog running around with collectible figurines in its mouth. Place your statue on a flat surface where they can’t be reached or stolen.

7. Show them off

If you collect figurines, you may want to take keeping them safe to the next level by housing them in a bookshelf or a glass curio cabinet. With this fixture, anyone can still see them, but the statues aren’t susceptible to being chipped, broken or damaged, thanks to the protective glass casing.

Lighted Corner Curio
Lighted Corner Curio

8. Clean your fixtures

Lastly, don’t forget to keep your figurines in good condition by cleaning them regularly. That includes dusting and washing them a couple of times a month. That way, they’ll look sparkling and new all the time. Plus, the better care you take of them, the longer they will last.

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Great Tips! I have several figurines I brought from and I’ve been wondering where to put them. This has given me some inspiration! thank you!

In about 2013 I believe it was, I bought a figurine/replica of two hands (man and woman) with fingers barely touching, it had a sort of dark bronze finish to it…I’m pretty sure I bought it here. In the meantime I was away from my home for some time, and when I returned, it was gone. I’m trying to find out where I can find another one just like it. Can you tell me if you carry such a figurine, or if you know where I might obtain one.

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