Decorating is one of the most exciting things about owning a home. But why limit yourself to just adding details to the inside of your house when you can let your personality shine through with your yard and garden decor? Here are a few ways to make every inch of your property feel like home:

Use string lights

String lights are one of the easiest ways to give an outdoor area some added whimsy. Whether you line the ground from the sidewalk to your porch or drape them across your patio, they’re decorative and illuminating. Just make sure you get a set that’s made for the outdoors!

Plant a mini garden

If you don’t have a garden planted or don’t have the space or time for one, plant a mini garden by using a wood pallet leaned up against your home or fence. BrightNest has an easy do-it-yourself project that will be ideal for anyone with a green thumb! You can plant succulents, flowers or even your favorite herbs in a pallet garden.

Build a hangout area

Incorporate outdoor lounge furniture into a casual backyard space that’s perfect for entertaining. If your family likes to cook, be sure to make an area for a grill in this spot too. Decorate the scene with hearty outdoor plants, like some cacti on the table or a hanging basket with a fern. An outdoor sofa also makes a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

Throw a little shade that everyone will appreciate. This market umbrella casts a cooling shadow by the pool or on the patio.

Market Umbrella

Make a planter

A fun way to show off your personality is to use materials other than traditional pots for the plants on your porch or in your yard. Try planting flowers in a painted tire, an old pair of rain boots or even a vintage metal pail. You can take it to another level by turning an old piece of furniture into a one-of-a-kind planter, like this desk from Pinterest.

High Heel Planter

High Heel Planter

“Try making a wind chime out of antique silverware or skeleton keys.”

Hang wind chimes

If your outdoor area still isn’t whimsical enough after using string lights, hang a wind chime or two. You can purchase these at art fairs and garden stores or a even make one yourself. Try hanging antique silverware or skeleton keys from a piece of driftwood for a pretty porch ornament.

Install a hammock

If you love to get comfy outdoors and read a book or listen to music, try installing a hammock in your backyard. For a totally cozy area, get some outdoor pillows and indoor/outdoor rugs for the spot. When you want to be able to read under the stars, you can even hang battery-powered lanterns in the trees above your lounging spot.

Create a path

You need a pathway to lead from your home to your garden, don’t you? Well, you can get stepping stones from your local garden supply or hardware store, or you can make your own out of mixed and matched rocks you’ve found yourself. You can even paint them so they’re colorful. Either way, the path will keep your shoes from getting dirty and give your garden an ethereal look.

Diamond Pathway Lights

Diamond Pathway Lights

Don’t forget your fence

If you have a plain wooden privacy fence in your backyard, it probably needs a little sprucing up. Rather than paint it, keep the rustic look and simply drill holes in it and pop a transparent colored marble in each opening. Make sure the hole is just a tad smaller than the marble so it fits snug and doesn’t fall out. When the sun shines through, it’ll make your otherwise plain fence look colorful and quirky.