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Marcellas Reynolds: Make a Statement

Marcellas For Midnight, Make a Statement, A video of a black man in a suit jacket, discussing jewelry on a mannequin.

“Express your style this season with bold accessories and statement jewelry” says Marcellas Reynolds, Midnight Velvet’s Celebrity Stylist. Take a look!

Marcellas Reynolds will show you how to make a statement with jewelry and more this season.

Take center stage in bold accessories that never go out of style.   The simplest top or dress in a solid color is the perfect backdrop for statement jewelry. You’ll never be upstaged in this dazzling waterfall of a necklace, which is perfect with any dress, but I love it with a plain tee shirt and jeans.

Glamour is back. Make your exit as dramatic as your entrance with this stunning back jewelry.

Ordinarily, accessories play a supporting role, but not these showstoppers. This jewelry is stunning, unique.

You’ll bring down the house with this showstopper of a fringe bag.

And before I forget, we’ve got tons of jewelry at Fine jewelry, hand jewelry, arm jewelry, thigh jewelry, head jewelry.

I’m Marcellas Reynolds.   Toe jewelry, foot jewelry…

Marcellas has more info about statement accessories on his blog. Here are more ways to make a statement with accessories. In case you haven’t been officially introduced to our Celebrity Stylist-check out the Meet Marcellas video. Take a look below at some of the featured items in the video and click on the images to shop!

Back-Chain Necklace
Back-Chain Necklace ►
Seed Bead Fringe Necklace and Earring set
Seed Bead Fringe Necklace and Earring set ►
Two-Tone Triangles Necklace & Earring Set
Blue Yellow Crystal Necklace ►











Drawstring Bucket Bag by Sondra Roberts
Drawstring Bucket Bag by Sondra Roberts ►
Silvertone Bead and Disc Necklace
Silvertone Bead and Disc Necklace ►
Natural Faux Stone Jewelry
Natural Faux Stone Jewelry ►


Comments (7)

William Hart

Hi,I’m having a hard time finding my account number,I haven’t order in a while so I don’t know where to find it.

Midnight Velvet

Hello, Do you have one of our catalogs handy? There is an number on there you can use to get to your account number? But you will most likely have to call in to get it. Here’s our number: 800-549-0367. Thanks for the comment.

Fay Tamaka

I live in Australia. Can I open up an account with Midnight Velvet?

Midnight Velvet

Hi Fay, we only ship to United States addresses. If you had an account, you could have your orders shipped to someone in the U.S. and they would have to send on to you. Thanks for your interest! 🙂

Naomia Davis

do you still send out the book where you can order make by color? the name of the makeup was via at one time you could order the blush separately by color. I need a book that list the makeup by color. thanks

Midnight Velvet

Hi Naomia, sorry we don’t carry our mineral makeup line any longer. We appreciate your interest and wish we had better news for you.

Violet williams

Yes indeed I have some beautiful jewler that I would like to buy soom .I will get it sf yet while ok.

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Published on Apr 02 2016

Last Updated on Aug 05 2022

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