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10 fashion rules that were meant to be broken

There are countless fashion rules out there – from not wearing white after Labor Day to forbidding the matching of black and brown. However, we all have a little bit of a rebellious streak lurking deep within. If you feel like breaking a few style rules, here are some of the best ways to do it:

Rule 1: ‘Only wear heels with dresses’

If you walk a lot, it’s just not practical to wear heels all day with your summer dresses or skirts. That doesn’t mean you have to ditch the dress. Pair your dresses with some strappy wedge sandals or a pair of flat sneakers if you’re feeling edgy. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to look stylish.

A cute pair of ballet flats pair fine with a dress.
Diamond Flat by Bijou
Diamond Flat by Bijou

Rule 2: ‘Suits are too masculine’

Many women avoid wearing pantsuits out of fear that they’ll be perceived as too masculine. However, not only do women in suits look like they’re about to take charge, but they can also look very chic. Opt for a well-tailored pantsuit – not one of those too-big jackets with shoulder pads. While oxfords and other menswear-inspired pieces are certainly stylish, you can give your suit a feminine flair by pairing it with a metallic heels or a sheer blouse.

Lace/Linen-Look Jacket and Pant Suit Set
Lace/Linen-Look Jacket and Pant Suit Set

Rule 3: ‘Bras can never show’

While you shouldn’t pull a Sue Ellen Mischke from “Seinfeld,” you don’t have to stress over whether your bra peeks out of your outfit. Invest in a couple of lacy bralettes with accent straps that are meant to be shown off. These options are great for sheer shirts as well. After all, the last thing you want to do is layer on a hot summer day!

Rule 5: ‘Black is not a summer color’

While black certainly attracts more heat than lighter colors, that doesn’t mean you can’t summerize your little black dress. Pair it with colorful accessories, like some red shoes or a pastel handbag. Black dresses always look great with metallic arm jewelry as well.

Eva Mesh Inset Dress
Eva Mesh Inset Dress

Rule 6: ‘Shorts are only for summer’

While you certainly wouldn’t want to wear shorts with bare legs in the middle of January, you can tailor the look to the season by wearing opaque tights beneath your shorts. A pair of denim cutoffs over some black tights will give you a rock-and-roll look, while wearing some lacy tights beneath black leather shorts be incredibly chic.

Rule 7: ‘Horizontal stripes make you look wide’

The key to successfully pulling off horizontal stripes is to make sure that the blouse or dress fits you properly. As long as it hangs off of your body in a flattering way, it won’t make you look wide. But then again, any piece of clothing you wear should fit your body properly!

“Nobody stopped Cindy Crawford from wearing stilettos.”

Rule 8: ‘Tall women should wear flat shoes’

No. Everyone can wear whatever shoes they want. If you’re 5’11” and your husband is 6’1″, do not let his height keep you from rocking a pair of 3-inch heels. Wear what makes you feel good and slay, no matter what people tell you. After all, do you think anyone ever stopped Cindy Crawford from wearing her stilettos?

Rule 9: ‘Don’t pair black with navy or brown’

It would be absurd to completely cut any color out of your wardrobe just because your go-to jacket or handbag is black. Don’t be afraid to incorporate black with your brown or navy staples. This rule is outdated anyway – plenty of designers are releasing pieces that utilize all of these colors together.

Rule 10: ‘No white after Labor Day’

The mother of all fashion rules may have started with a little bit of truth to it – but these days, white can be worn any time of year, depending on the fabric. For example, a white wool coat is fabulous for the wintertime, but not an eyelet dress. A linen blouse is perfect for warm summer evenings, but you wouldn’t want to wear a chunky white tunic sweater. Focus on the fabric, not the color, and you can rock white all year-round.

Ventura Jacket Dress
Ventura Jacket Dress

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