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5 Beautiful Lighting Styles

Stained Glass Peacock Floor Lamp

You deserve a home that’s as lustrous as your personality. Good lighting makes everything in a room shine beautifully. Here are five stunning forms of lighting you can use to make your place picture-perfect:

1. Chandeliers

Is there any type of lighting more classic and glamorous than a chandelier? They’re visually captivating, sophisticated and the perfect accent for any room. Looking to brighten up your entertaining area? Dining room chandeliers bring a sense of casual elegance to a dinner party with friends or family. Chandeliers are also a fine choice for an entrance hall. If the first thing a guest sees upon walking into your home is a gorgeous crystal chandelier, he or she is bound to leave with a strong, positive impression of your decorative style.

Sparkly Chandelier
Sparkly Chandelier

2. Lamps

“Lamps allow you to create many different lighting environments.”

Lamps allow you to vary the light in a single room without having to deal with a dimmer switch. If you have multiple lamps in a space, you can create radically different light levels by simply turning certain ones on and off. Moreover, they become part of the decor. An elegant stained glass floor lamp, contributes to a room’s atmosphere in addition to bringing gently tinted light. Lamps let you  brighten a room while expressing your personality – a combination that makes them a powerful decoration tool.

Stained Glass Peacock Floor Lamp
Stained Glass Peacock Floor Lamp

3. Candles

The great thing about using candles to light a room is that they bring an instant air of intimacy to any setting. They’re warm, they smell beautiful and the light they make is subtle enough to add an extra touch to the decor without drawing too much attention to itself.

Looking for the flicker, but not the flame? Battery powered candles are a lovely, safe way to gently illuminate a room. The LED candles flicker just like the real thing but are safe to touch – making them the perfect choice for homes with pets or small children running around.

Set of 2 LED Embossed Candles
Set of 2 LED Embossed Candles

4. String Lights

If you think string lights only have a place on the tree, think again. Interior designers have been incorporating string lights into their decor for ages, and you can, too. As long as you follow a few good practices, your string lights won’t look remotely Christmas-y.

The biggest rule of using string lights for decor: Consider color. If you use red and green lights, they’re going to look like holiday decorations no matter what the time of year. White lights, however, can easily transition out of the gift-giving season. As long as it’s well-removed from any evergreens or holly, a set of plain white string lights can be a beautiful piece of decoration. For example, you can zigzag them against a wall for an interesting gallery wall light display.

String lights also work beautifully outside. If you’re hosting an outdoor event, you can drape them above your backyard or patio. This will create a stunning faux ceiling that will make your outdoor space look utterly ethereal.

5. Natural Lighting

“Use your decor to increase the room’s natural light.”

The light from the great outdoors is some of the most beautiful light of all. Obviously, you can only take advantage of this during the daytime, but welcome in any sunlight that makes its way through your windows. Not only will the rays illuminate your home perfectly, they will also give you a healthy dose of vitamin D, which gives both your mood and immune system a boost.

Don’t have a lot of windows, or your windows aren’t facing toward the sun? You can still increase the natural lighting in your home using your decor. For example, sheer curtains will let in lots of light, while dark curtains will diminish the light in a room, even when opened. You can also give your sunlight levels a boost using wall mirrors. Reflective surfaces bounce light around the room, so adding even a few mirrors to a space will brighten it dramatically.

Smock Top Sheer Panels
Smock Top Sheer Panels

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Published on Feb 23 2016

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