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Black, white and red all over

When it comes to creating a timeless outfit, nothing is as effective as the simple pairing of black and white. This color combination is always sleek and classic, yet it can get boring if you rely on it day after day. Switch things up by including the spectrum’s most eye-catching color: red. Here’s how to add this statement hue to any outfit:


“How about a red pencil skirt, black blouse and white blazer for the office?”

Mix and match different combinations of red, white and black in your tops and bottoms. How about a red pencil skirt, black blouse and white blazer for the office? You can pair this with white pumps if you’re feeling brave, or stick to classic black and avoid the threat of dirt on your shoes.

For a more casual look, trade the crimson skirt and black shirt for red jeans and a white top. When worn with sneakers and a slouchy handbag, this outfit is great for running errands on the weekends.

A smiling Hispanic woman wearing a red off-the-shoulder top with a pleated flounce and black and white striped gaucho pant.


A stunning red coat concealing a neutral outfit creates a striking look you shouldn’t be afraid to try. Black and white dresses are a great option here, especially for a night out. In fact, you can add even more drama by choosing a bright coat with fur trim, an elaborate collar or a fit-and-flared waist.

A smiling black woman with a red bag, in a fitted black dress, artistic silver necklace, and a faux leather red jacket.


Accessories are an easy, versatile way to add color to a classically neutral wardrobe. Since red is very dominant, incorporating it into your accessories rather than as a full outfit keeps your look toned down while still adding some of your unique style.

If you want to bring a little fair to the office, try red pumps with black-and-white dress suits for women. The shoes add an unexpected pop of color while still keeping your outfit appropriate for a corporate setting. Alternatively, swap the shoes for a crimson purse. Every woman needs a statement handbag, and red is the perfect color.

A colorblock tote in white, black, red, and tan, with a matching billfold and a matching sandal.

That said, any accessory will do here: Scarves, gloves and jewelry are all great ways to add color to your outfit. You can even paint your nails in this color; although, if that’s a bit too femme fatal for your liking, try other shades like rose, maroon or coral.

While you can never go wrong with black and white, it’s always fun to add visual interest with another color.

A black, red, and white pump with an open heel and side, with the toe in a black and white triangle pattern.

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