Accessories have moved beyond earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Body jewelry is trendy bling with a funky twist. It’s an extra layer of comfort with sleeveless tops or short dresses. These unique jewelry pieces come in a variety of styles from boho chic to extravagantly elegant. You’re gonna love them!

Here’s how to wear them:

Dress up your holiday style

Body jewelry can make an outfit more interesting. Holiday parties and family gatherings call for sophistication but a  cascade chain thigh jewelry is an unexpected twist on the little black dress. If you’re heading to a party solo and need to make small talk, the uniqueness of this piece is a great conversation starter!

a woman's leg wearing thigh jewelry

Keep it casual

Use ankle jewelry to dress up everyday trips to the mall or errands. It creates a boho chic look that strikes the perfect balance between laid-back and upscale vogue. Pair your toe/ankle jewelry with a flowing dress and a fringed handbag for an edgy boho flair.

a foot wearing Toe/Ankle Jewelry

Wear it in your hair

Body jewelry stretches from head to toe so get ready to wear some bling in your hair. These headpieces make long hair styling a breeze. No time to spend hours doing your hair for a party? Wear a simple rhinestone headpiece and you’re ready to go. Dress it down for outdoor concerts and relaxed gatherings.

woman wearing head jewelry

A Second Skin 

Showing too much skin can be intimidating. Jackets and maxi skirts look great but aren’t always practical on hot days. Body jewelry offers extra layers without the fabric to feel more comfortable and look fab. Drape your body in golden glass beads or add chain links around the shoulders.

Though body jewelry doesn’t conceal, it adds just enough for an extra boost of confidence. Plus, the shimmer and shine turns a simple look to stunning.

woman wearing body jewelry

Show off your unique style by incorporating these fun accessories into your wardrobe this season!

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