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Thankful Thursdays!

Midnight Velvet Thankful Thursday Word Cloud.

Every Thursday, we share a Thankful Thursday post on our Facebook page inviting everyone to take 30 seconds and comment on what they are thankful for. We have been doing this for over a year! That’s a lot of Thursdays!!  LOL! 🙂

We put together a word cloud of all the top responses. We’re thankful for a lot of the same things; good things! Comment below about anything that we’re missing.

Midnight Velvet Thankful Thursday Word Cloud.

Here’s the list:

  • Family
  • Life
  • God
  • Another Day
  • The Good Lord
  • Friends
  • Love
  • Waking Up
  • Children
  • Many Blessings
  • Health
  • Jesus
  • To be Alive
  • Grandkids
  • Everything
  • Husband
  • Today
  • Amen
  • Grandchildren
  • Midnight Velvet
  • Faith
  • Cancer-free
  • Grace
  • God’s Mercy
  • Daughter
  • Job
  • Strength
  • Healthy
  • Home
  • Salvation
  • Mom
  • Roof
  • Christ
  • Breath
  • Peace
  • Food
  • Work
  • Sister
  • Joy
  • Earth
  • Law

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Bernadetta Laury

I’m grateful for God’s grace and mercy and my daughters and their families.

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Published on Oct 08 2015

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