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Midnight Velvet Style Story: Elegant Jacket Dress

A color sketch of an elegant gray jacket dress with a rhinestone double jacket clasp.
behind-the-scenes in black text, Style Story in red text.

Are you passionate about unique design and exquisite details? Do you like talking clothes? The Midnight Velvet Design Team does! We sat down with them for a fascinating Q& A…and the story behind a gorgeous customer favorite.

The Elegant Jacket Dress

from sketch…

A color sketch of an elegant gray jacket dress with a rhinestone double jacket clasp.
Elegant Jacket Dress sketch from our designer, Rachel.

to dress!

A smiling black woman in a silver jacket dress with a full skirt and jeweled clasp, silver sandals and a crystal necklace.
Here is the final product-the Elegant Jacket Dress

When we planned this sit-down interview at the creative building, we asked the designers to bring along a Silver sample of The Elegant Jacket Dress. So there we were, sitting together with this gorgeous creation draped over sleek office furniture. Sun was streaming through the windows, and this stunning dress was positively shimmering. When we remarked on this, Ashley actually said that they call the fabric, “shimmer fabric.”

Aside from it’s exquisite shimmer fabric, what makes The Elegant Jacket Dress special?

Ashley: “The woman who wears this will be getting attention for all the right reasons. It has vintage flair, and it’s really flattering. Women tend to look fantastic in a fit-and-flare silhouette. Add in a ruched waistband and tea length, and it’s just a really beautiful dress on most women.

Kirstie: “The Elegant Jacket Dress is the perfect balance of elegance and comfort. It has a little bit of crinoline under the skirt for a hint of volume and “crinkle,” subtle shimmer fabric that isn’t too much…and even pockets! (Pockets in occasion dresses are a fun plus, and for mothers of the bride or groom, a great place to keep lipstick—and Kleenex!)

Rachel: “The matching jacket makes it so versatile. It’s ideal for a wedding. Wear the jacket for church or a cold event room. When you’re ready to dance the night away, simply put the jacket over your chair, and take your Cinderella moment as you reveal this gorgeous, swingy dress. It’s a dream.”

How should we accessorize it?

Rachel: Rhinestones make a sparkling, classic choice. They mirror the glimmer of the brooch closure at the waist. I’d do earrings, and with the 3-quarter sleeves, a dazzling rhinestone bracelet is a must. Since this dress is all about vintage beauty, a clutch purse would be perfect. Shoes? Marnie would make a flawless finish.

A dressy silver envelope clutch purse with beaded crystal trim and a silver shoulder chain.
Dazzle Clutch
A crystal two-tier necklace with a large center pendant and dangling prisms, with matching crystal drop earrings.
Crystal Necklace and Earring Set
Four dressy rhinestone ankle strap sandals, with a clear heel and toe, shown in gold, black, silver, and tan.
Marnie Shoe

What do our customers think? How are the reviews?

Ashley: “They are loving it! Here are a couple of our favorites from Kay and Annie.”

“Elegant Dress! Tailored/Sophisticated/Classy/Sassy–all in one! This dress was exactly what I was looking for for my son’s wedding. I purchased the champagne, and I couldn’t be happier! Fit like a glove. So pleased!” -Kay D. from Brenham, TX

“Stunning! I wore this dress to my daughter’s wedding. Compliments galore! I strutted a while! I bought the gray, but I’m about to order the champagne for the future.” -Annie Y. from Richmond, KY

Can we get the Elegant Jacket Dress in other colors?

Kirstie: “YES! In addition to the Silver, we have Champagne and White—and a new color coming out this Fall!

A smiling brunette woman in a beige jacket dress with a full skirt and jeweled clasp, silver sandals and a crystal necklace.
Elegant Jacket Dress in Champagne
A brunette woman in a formal beige sleeveless dress with a full skirt, silver sandals and a crystal necklace.
Elegant Jacket Dress in Champagne without the jacket
A smiling black woman in a white jacket dress with a full skirt and jeweled clasp, silver sandals and a crystal necklace.
Elegant Jacket Dress in White
An African-American woman in a formal white sleeveless dress with a full skirt, silver sandals and a crystal necklace.
Elegant Jacket Dress in White without the jacket

What’s the new color coming out this Fall?

An African-American woman in a formal silver sleeveless dress with a full skirt, silver sandals and a crystal necklace.

Ashley: “I can’t tell you yet, but I’ll give you a hint: It’s CLASSIC.”

Hmmmmm. Well doesn’t that leave us hanging! As a Midnight Velvet insider, we’re wondering if you have a guess? Please leave your color guess below…along with any feedback for our designers. We love hearing from you!

Message Our Desginers at

Let’s hear more from our designers:

Q&A continued…

Do you have a message for the Midnight Velvet Customer?

Ashley: Don’t be afraid to try something new! It’s so easy to get stuck in a fashion rut…and it can be so hard to get out. The next time you see a new style that truly speaks to you, don’t let that voice in your head say, “I love that, but I can’t wear it.” Give it a try!

Kirstie: You bring us joy! We love seeing pictures of you bringing Midnight Velvet designs to life, and we are so grateful to be a part of your life.

Rachel: We want you to feel unique and special…so we’re adding extra twists to make our designs different and intriguing—details like beads, trims and embroidery.

A smiling Hispanic woman in a floral print, front zip jacket, black skinny jeans, and large ivory circle drop earrings.
A brunette woman in a beige jacket dress, with orange and hot pink stripes on a sheer overlay, and an orange belt and cuffs.
A woman in a fancy black top with a single ruffled sleeve, an asymmetrical hem, a tan and black baroque skirt and necklace.

What’s your favorite Midnight Velvet design for spring ’19?

Ashley: I’m super excited about The Lanya Floral Jacket. It’s an update to our moto jacket—with a modern center zip. It looks great zipped or unzipped. I’m hoping it will be your go-to jacket for layering this spring.

Rachel: I’m loving The Do Si Do Skirt Suit. The pop of color is so fresh for spring!

KirstieThe Lula Top! It has a great, dramatic sleeve and is loose-fitting at the waist (which is great for hiding a less-than-perfect tummy). I love it for transitioning into summer.

We want insider Info. What’s in the works for the fall collection? What are you especially excited about?

Ashley: We’re working on a crochet poncho with fringe and beads. It’s a bit boho and bit southwest. I think you’re going to love it. It’s so full of charm.

Kirstie: I’m all about this very sophisticated skirt suit we’re creating for you. It has different shades of blue and even blue metallic details. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Rachel: We have some fall outerwear pieces you’re going to LOVE. Hint: think feminine details that give it a one-of-a-kind look.

Tell us about your personal style. Has it changed lately?
Any new tricks or obsessions?

Ashley: I just bought a pair of animal-print heels. I normally don’t wear heels at work, but now I’m wearing my animal print heels with my favorite jeans, and I’m loving it. They freshen up my look.

Kirstie: The truth? I’ve been purging my closet. It’s just that time of year. The cool thing is that once I started getting rid of things I didn’t like or wasn’t wearing, I could see what I love…and what I need. Now, there’s room for new possibilities.

Rachel: It’s winter in the Midwest, so I’m trying to stay warm and look stylish at the same time…which can be a challenge. I’ve been all about layering. The other day I wore a bright blazer over a turtleneck and added a brooch. It felt feminine AND cozy!

Thanks for joining us. Remember, your style is our designers’ guiding star. Keep shining bright! 


The Midnight Velvet Team

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from sketch…

Pencil sketch of a woman wearing a belted cutwork button-shirt tunic with an asymmetrical hem, and tall boots.

to final.

A woman in a white cutwork button-shirt tunic, black button capris, and white sandals, with an orange floral background.

Comments (23)

I would like too see some of your formal jacket dress back in the catalogue, They are very beautiful. I need to order at least three of them.

Thank you for your feedback! We will pass this on to our merchandising team!

I love your elegant dress, with the jacket in all colors. Each time I wear this outfit, I get so many comments. When will this outfit be coming back, when will it be in stock again? I would love to have it for a special occasion this year in your Burgundy color. I hope your company will consider bringing this outfit back this year.

Love all of your designs to bad I am a guy

Any handkerchief hem dresses, or layered dresses coming up??

I would like to view pants suits

Still buying from midnight velvet and have been really satisfied with the products, and Clothing attire.

I really love the jacket dress, Perfect for formal night on cruise ship.

I like the dress, my color would be red!

I am surprise you still have dress suit this season as some sellers have this suit for sale for less than$40 also Ashro and Monroe and Main dresses that are in the catalog for spring.we need to know what is going on.

I love most of your clothes reall stylish and beautiful . My problem is I wear a size 2 r a 4 and 5’3 . Do most of your clothes I have to spend a fortune to alter . I bought a beautiful suit I lived so much I kept but it’s a size six and too big sleeves too long we aren’t all y’all and models unfortunately .
I really wish you would carry petites are at least size 2 or a 4 .
As it is I can only by jackets from you the sleeves are long but can deal with .
They make sleeves too long on jackets and sweaters everywhere now . I don’t have have monkey arms .

I think the jacket dress will be good as a mother of the brides dress.

Very nice would definitely wear to a party or a night out.

I’ve never seen MIDNIGHT FASHIONS . After seeing your fashions the price is right and the clothes long very rich.

Does the Elegant jacket dress have a slip under neath that makes it pouf out or does one purchase a petticoat to get that looking effect?

I love love your clothes,but please have more form fitting pieces.And more pieces to choose from more often !

Gracias pienso seguir conprando agradecida por su credito
Que belleza!

Bellas todas las cosas
Inmensa gratitud por darnos energia positiva para vivir con alegria y esperanzas

Black or charcoal are my choices – I like color, so I would like to see the jacket dress in a rose pink or powder blue –

I need to track my package please track my package for me?

A pretty purple or even navy would be awesome other colors to add!!

It’s so Beautiful and feminine. Would Buy For Party’s and other events.

Hello Debbie,

Thanks for visiting and happy shopping!

Midnight Velvet

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