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Explore Fashion Trends with a New Top

What better way to create a new outfit with little effort than a new top? A new blouse, tunic or knit top can be paired with so many other pieces you already own that it infuses new life into your wardrobe. A new top is also a perfect way to try a new trend without going all-in.

What are some of the latest fashion trends you can explore with a top?

Sheer Tops and Tunics: From the Runway to Your Closet

Catch every breeze with a sheer blouse in a striking print or a bold color. This may seem like a tricky fashion to wear, depending on how much coverage you prefer. You don’t have to go full runway white-sheer-top-over-black-bra to try the look. Layer a cropped sheer top over a dress or a tunic. Try a sheer shirt under a jacket for just a flash of the trend.

A striking print can give you a lot of leeway in wearing a sheer top. The Monarch Caftan is as eye-catching as its namesake, and the fabric is as light as a butterfly’s wing. Dare to wear just a bra underneath, or pair it with a tank.

Some tops come with a separate tank or cami, while others are lined. Still others may layer the fabric to give a little more coverage in the areas you most want it. You can also buy into the trend with a shirt that confines the gauziness to the sleeves.

One option is to—dare we say it?—shop your closet. With our Sheer Sleeves Top, which is actually an under layer, you can give any sleeveless top a trend-right touch of sheerness (and a little extra warmth in cooler weather or A.C.). And we absolutely love this option, suggested by a customer: If you already have a Midnight Velvet pant set or dress that came with a sheer, beaded jacket, you can pair that in a variety of ways, including wearing it over jeans for a sensational and sophisticated look.

A black woman with long curly hair in a sheer Afrocentric caftan top with beaded neckline, and black leggings.

Off-Shoulder Tops: Pure Boho Flattery

Have you ever heard a friend complain about the way her shoulders look? Not likely, because bare shoulders seem to be a universally flattering look. Off-the-shoulder tops are a terrific casual look that usually provides coverage for the arms.

Off-shoulder tops tend to have a relaxed feel, and we love the trend of bell sleeves, which adds even more flow to the silhouette. If you want to add a little definition to your waist, you can tuck it into your skirt or pant. A way to get that definition without bunching fabric under your waistband is to tuck just a bit—a trick that’s known as the fashion editor’s tuck.

A more sleek silhouette makes an appearance along with the trend for horizontal stripes in the Off-Shoulder Stripe Top, which gives that French-girl attitude an extra ooh-la-la twist. (In fact, some fashionistas refer to the off-shoulder trend as Bardot tops dresses, after the sexy French actress, Brigitte Bardot.)

If this is a trend you’re intrigued by but hesitant to dip a toe into, many of these tops can also be worn on-shoulder as well. Or take it a little slower, with a style that’s been hot for a while—the cold-shoulder look. It provides an equally flattering but less revealing peep at the shoulders.

A brunette woman in a black and white stripe off-the-shoulder top, white pant, gold choker necklace and gold hoop earrings.

Sequins: Bring out Your Inner Sparkle

Sometimes fashion “discovers” a trend that the Midnight Velvet customer has revelled in for quite some time. This season it’s sequins. According to one designer, who has long lavished sequins on his styles, they are a protest against blandness and a sign of optimism.

We happen to believe the Midnight Velvet woman lives her life as a protest against blandness as well. The vibrant pink Ombré Sequin Poncho is a trend triple-threat—sheer fabric and bold color as well as its waterfall of spangles. It’s all wrapped up in a fantastic silhouette that ensures that its wearer will never fade into the background.

A woman on a seaside balcony, in a long, sheer magenta caftan with neckline sequins, and white skinny jeans and sandals.

Bold Color Trend: All Eyes on You

Another trend that never disappeared from our customers’ radar is bold color. You’ve always rocked it, and now is the time to seek out even more colorful tunics and tops for your wardrobe.

Some TV fashion experts caution about “letting a color wear you” rather than you being the star in an outfit. Others tell you to wear only colors in your “season.” We’re going to make a bold proclamation here: Wear whatever color you like if it makes you feel good, confident, even sassy. One of our favorites is the Cherry Babe Tunic, a real firecracker of a summer look. It’s cool and hot at the same time, with its long, high-low silhouette in vivid fuchsia.

A blonde poolside woman in a magenta, sleeveless button tunic with an asymmetrical hem, and denim jeggings.

White Shirts: A Fashion Mainstay

White doesn’t need to trend, because it’s always in style, always appropriate. Despite its longevity, there are still exciting new twists to add to a traditional white top. Fringe, cutwork, floaty fly-away panels—each of these  move the white shirt beyond button-down basic. A dramatic and flattering high-low style gives the Kara Peplum Vest a beautifully feminine silhouette. It looks just as gorgeous on its own as a sleeveless top.

A brunette woman in an ivory, sleeveless peplum wrap top with a side buckle, a silver beaded necklace, and gray jeggings.

A great way to change up your style, tops give you serious bang for your buck. Find the one that fits into your fashion sense—or step out of your comfort zone—by browsing the Midnight Velvet complete collection.


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We’ll email you Christine! Thanks for being a customer!

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