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Designer Spotlight

Meet Your Designers

Did you know you have a trio of clothing designers working for you?

Three line drawings of two mannequin dress forms and a gown on a hanger, labeled Ashley, Kirstie, and Rachel.

Ask any of them, and they will say that you are the star of Midnight Velvet.

They’d even say that during the design process, you are their guiding star.

And guess what’s on their mind


You and your extraordinary style.

Three sizes of five black stars arranged straight across, with a gray background.

We spend a lot of time thinking about what the Midnight Velvet customer likes, what will work with the things she already has in her closet – and what will make her feel fabulous.


Our customer doesn’t want to look like everyone else. She loves beautiful, boutique pieces, and we work very hard to create them.

– Kirstie

We like to add details that make her style more original.


Fashion Advice – Designer by Designer

Three line drawings of two mannequin dress forms and a gown on a hanger, labeled Ashley, Kirstie, and Rachel.



Best Fashion Advice?

“Wear what makes you happy, and be confident in your choice! In all my years of going to fashion shows, I’ve seen that people can wear pretty much anything…and if they’re confident, they will look BEAUTIFUL.”


Best Fashion Advice?

“Do not let ‘fashion rules’ dictate your style. It is all about the way you carry yourself. If you feel good, confidence will radiate from you.”


Best Fashion Advice?

“Style is about balance. If you have an oversized top, wear a slim-fitting bottom. If your hemline is short, pair it with tall boots. If you’re wearing neutrals, accessorize with pops of color. And most importantly, always add elements that bring out your personality. Don’t be afraid to stand out!”

Midnight Velvet Favorites: Designer by Designer

A tan faux leather shootie with an open toe and heel, a wood-look chunky heel, inside zipper, and cutout trim.

Lattice Edge Shootie


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Sewing-Machine-Icon@2x.png


“They’re an easy, really fun way to experiment with your style.”

Favorite Midnight Velvet piece? The Lattice Edge Shootie

“It’s a neutral that goes with so much, but it’s still full of sassy attitude and makes your legs look longer.”

A smiling woman wearing a blush tank top with a tiered, flowing hem, black leggings, and white floral necklace and earrings.

Racin Flutter Top


A black pin cushion icon.


“There’s so much variety in color and style, and it’s easy to create the perfect outfit by pairing with jeans or a skirt…a blazer or a sweater.”

Favorite Midnight Velvet piece? The Racin Flutter Top

“It’s flowy and forgiving—without being oversized. I wear it a lot. It’s not too sheer, either, since it’s double layered. Just a great piece to dress up or dress down.”

A blonde woman poolside in a short-sleeved, lime green crochet dress, and a Southwestern faux turquoise necklace.

Alissa Crochet Dress


A black thimble icon.


“They’re so versatile. Wear them with boots…or sandals. Easy-to-wear, one-piece dressing.”

Favorite Midnight Velvet piece? The Alissa Crochet Dress

“What a great summer piece! It’s comfortable and can go from work…to a walk on the beach. The Alissa is a beautiful blank canvas that can be accessorized however you like!”

Designer Q & A

Could you describe the style of the Midnight Velvet customer?

ASHLEY – Classic and sophisticated. Unique. She looks great because she’s confident and comfortable in her own skin.

KIRSTIE – She is well put together—from head to toe. And she likes compliments. Who doesn’t?

RACHEL – She likes to stand out in a very feminineoriginal way.

What’s your favorite part of being a designer?

ASHLEY – My favorite part is seeing our customers wearing our stuff—loving it and looking gorgeous. We sometimes spot them at fashion shows or conventions…and that’s the best!

KIRSTIE – I love playing with clothes and seeing a product go all the way from an idea to our customers’ closets. It’s really fun and really rewarding.

RACHEL – I love the artistic side of it and really focusing on the productmaking it extraordinary for her.

Who designs what?

– We design together.

ASHLEY – It takes a village to create a Midnight Velvet piece. We work very closely with the Midnight Velvet buyers. They are the ones who know what sold well…and what didn’t. They’re the experts at finding out what the customer is loving and not loving. She gives us ideas…and then the collaboration begins.”

Send a Message to
Ashley, Kirstie, and Rachel

Here’s your chance to talk to your designers. Is there something you want them to know about you or the events you go to? Is there anything you’d like to see more of—any colors, cuts or fabrics?

Message Our Designers at

Thanks for reading about us—but thank you especially for being part of Midnight Velvet and allowing us to design for you. We may bring the color and bling, but you bring the inner sparkle and light. Keep on being your beautiful best—and shine BRIGHT!

Comments (27)

It would be great to see the women’s clothes available in tall sizes. I am 6ft. and must shop at Long Tall Sally and other sites when buying pants and suits. I can buy short sleeve tops and dresses from Midnight, but not any outfit that needs length. I am missing out on many outfits, due to them not being long enough.

I would love to see longer plain or pattern sleeveless dresses with pockets that you can dress up or down. Of course the never need ironing fabric.

Thanks for this feedback Jacqueline!

I love the three piece pantsuit that I purchased lately , it is hand beaded red color garment,it fits perfectly.i like to see more plus size clothing.thank you

Thanks so much for your comment—we really love hearing about the pieces you love. You’ll be happy to know that almost every piece of apparel we sell is available in plus sizes, up to 3X or W24.

I do love all the clothes I purchase from Midnight Velvet. And I get plenty of compliments from all the ones I wear. I would love to see petite sizes in pants, because I have to have all Midnight Velvet pants altered.

Thanks for the feedback Deborah! We’re glad you love your purchases!

As a Senior Citizen over 70, l am very choicy about what l wear. I do enjoy your fashion and am glad that you seem to consider both age & body shapes. For some of us the longer hem line is so sweet. Thank you.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. It’s good to know that Midnight Velvet offers just the type of fit you like in fashionable styles.

Good Morning, Ladies
It is great to know the talent behind the product. I am 5’9″ and I love longer pants and dresses.
I believe a woman looks her best and is more attractive in clothes that actually drape her body
in such a way that it leaves some mystery and eye appeal to her physical attributes and gifts.
I am 71 and I will always want to look great and I do enjoy compliments on my appearance.
I have enjoyed my purchases from Midnight Velvet and the pricing is fair.
Thank You
Bev Kennedy

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. We’re glad to know what it is about MV styles that makes them so appealing to you. And we’re always delighted to hear that they bring you many compliments!

Hi I a member of the women auxiliary organization in the Masonic families and we need a lot of white dresses. Formal and plain white including suits. .

1. Dresses tastefully designed but no gold or silver they cannot be sleeveless. In one They may have in laid fabric designs but no gold or silver trims,.etc.. Suits can be long or short sleeves but no pants.

2. The other they can be fancier white dresses long formals but here again no gold or silver trims and no pants, .embroidering, in laid designed fabric ,formals should be long or see through fabric can or cannot have designs on the sleeves.

3. I’ve seen several grown by one of your designers but could not use it contained gold or silver was made in it and or pants vestal in your designs in that show them in several ways they can be worn or made with different looks. This will enhance more purchases.

Thank you for the detailed information about what you are looking for. We will keep that in mind as we develop for the next season.

Yrs, I long your styles a lot. I’m tall & pants run shorter than what’s comfortable. Please include more lengths for 5’8” or taller as an option.

Thanks! Good feedback Sabrina!

Your clothes are beautiful. I would love to see more dresses longer in length for taller women. They would need to be at least 44 to 45 inches long.

Okay, thanks Vernessa! We appreciate the feedback and compliment!

I love the styles that you promote they are beautiful.

Thank you so much for letting us know!

I would like to wear things like those pretty “flutter tops” however, not with my naked arms. I wish you would offer more colors of the sheer sleeve under tops. I recently bought a black one and I really feel more confident with it. Simple flesh color, white,pink, etc. No lace would be wonderful if you would sell more, then I would buy more clothes.

We are so happy to hear that you love the mesh sleeve top. We will be adding another fabric to that item soon! Please watch for the new style!

I am with midnight velvet almost 30 years and they still don’t have petit sizes
so I had to leave but I don’t have a choice

Sorry to hear this Agnes! Thanks for still keeping in touch!

I am so greatful to online shopping, My name is Helen, I am 63 years young, andevery idem i purchase from midnight velvet, I am 100% satsfied… I love your quality of frabics, the craftsmanship of your sewing, and your convince od online shopping, & delivery & return policy’s.. I look great in all your clothing, they wash/dry beautifully, you never need ironing, I am a BIG shopper of your store.. I humbly thank you..

Thank you for the detailed comments on why you appreciate MV’s styles. We’re delighted to hear you’re happy with your purchases!

I love your clothes ! I have been a customer for years ..but please offer more pants and or jeans.And please make them longer .Would like to see more items in general please!

Thanks for the comment Amanda!!!

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