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The Art of Detail: Cool Cutouts, Sultry Sleeves & More

Special event or trip to the grocery store? The word plain is not in your vocabulary—wherever you go! We love your style and helping you find the clothing that expresses your unique fashion vision! Your love of detail has inspired our designers to add even more exquisite touches to our fall boutiques. Here are 3 design details to look for to help elevate your outfits!


Recently, fashion’s focus has been on sleeves, and that trend shows no sign of changing. That’s good news for you – dramatic sleeve and shoulder details turn a classic style into a confidently feminine statement. We have so many fabulous new sleeve styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that speaks to your unique style sense.

The cold-shoulder trend is still going strong, and why not? Even if we complain about our bodies (and let’s think about letting that habit go, okay?) our shoulders never seem to be the target. A compelling reason: as one fashion expert noted, the shoulder doesn’t really age. A glimpse of shoulder is flattering and sexy—especially when it’s surrounded by lace: The Paisley Cold Shoulder Top features a lovely print and bell sleeves, while the Knitty Gritty Top comes in a soft gray that will complement anything you wear.

A brunette woman wearing a gray cold-shoulder tunic with lace detail, black leggings, and multi strands of long white pearls.


Thinking about showing more than a glimpse of shoulder? We’ve got you covered—or uncovered. Both the Juliet Print top and the Havana Top can be worn off or on-shoulder, as your mood dictates. Both tops also have gorgeous bell sleeves, another trend our designers adore. Whether you’re seeking casual wear or outfits for special occasions, there’s a new style with bell sleeves that will suit your purpose. You’ll love the Rosie Pleat-Sleeve top with its knife pleats from the elbow down and the lace-overlay back yoke. Browse our various options in the catalog or online at for even more tops and dresses with exquisite sleeve details.

Juliet Print Top



Sometimes details that aren’t there are as significant as those that are. Take the cutout, for example. Followers of fashion are familiar with keyhole necklines and cold-shoulder styles. But if you’re looking for some fresh, new looks, we’re offering a few recent arrivals on the scene.

For example: a playful top with a playful name, our Spacey Stacy, has randomly placed oval cutouts close to its hem. The contrast of the black top and the white binding, as well as the peep of clothing below, creates intrigue. Two additional white ovals float higher up, sewn onto the fabric to ensure modesty.

A blonde woman wearing a black scoop neck top with cutout circles, jeans, and a silver beaded collar necklace.

Laser cutting has taken cutout styling to a new level. They allow a precise, intricate cut with no fabric fraying. The look is clean and elegant…and has trickled down from expensive couture to everyday affordability. Our Cutout Skirt Suit with a shape-defining peplum makes the most of this refined style, with leaf cutouts on the hem of skirt and jacket.

A brunette woman in a burgundy skirt suit with embroidered burgundy leaves on the hems, and a silver and ruby necklace.


Many women love faux leather (also called vegan leather) for a variety of reasons. The alternate name points to one reason: faux leather offers the look of leather in an animal-friendly way. Another great motive for going with faux is how easy on the budget it is. It’s also much lighter in weight than its genuine counterpart.

But it’s the look, of course, that is the main reason for any woman to buy new clothing. Knowing that you love fashions that express your individual style, we’ve made faux leather into two attention-getting pieces.

Laser cuts also make an appearance on our Elaina Jacket, already a standout thanks to the overlapping tiers in the front. Alternating panels are embellished with a pattern of laser-cut accents, in a rich cognac color that lends polish to your outfit.

A brunette woman in a tan turtleneck, black leggings, a gold bib necklace, and a tiered brown faux leather jacket.

It’s not just jackets and accessories that get a boost from vegan leather. The Jett Faux-Leather Trim Suit has a bold asymmetrical collar that would catch every eye no matter what, but in black faux leather against a lime-green jacket, it really pops! The Kalinda Crochet Top also plays with contrast, but in a much subtler way. Its openwork bodice and sleeves are the same shade of burgundy as the faux-leather cuffs and wide hem band. And the best advantage of faux leather—both these styles are machine washable!

A smiling brunette woman in a lime green skirt suit with a black asymmetrical collar, black cuffs, and black square buttons.

You make the most of blending unique details in a way that expresses your own personal sense of style. You’ll find so many new fashions in our boutique collections at Find the ones that spark your creativity!

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I got my order so fast and I love my coat it fit perfect I’m so happy I left two out of my order so i put it back in and I’m sure it go fast also

There is a orange suit towards the top, is there any other colors. I love this suit as it looks pretty.

men clothing

Diary Mule by Bellini size 10 is out , when will you get some more in that size?

Everything’s very stylish elegant and downtown looking.

Like this suit, how much does it cost?


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