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What’s Your Personality in Black & White?

Fabulous opposites, easy to wear and never out of fashion, black and white is a versatile combo or sophisticated solo. How you wear these two classics speaks volumes about your extraordinary beauty within. Find all-new pieces that match your personality or shake up your usual style with these 4 trend ideas from Midnight Velvet!

1. Black on Black

If your style has a New York accent, it’s probably all-black ensembles that call your name.

Sleek, mysterious, alluring. We’ve found the perfect top to pair with a dressy skirt or with our Lola Slim Jean in black. The Pearl Sweater is a tunic-length beauty with bell sleeves and a dusting of faux pearls on shoulders and neckline. No jewels necessary!

For just a nudge out of your comfort zone, we recommend this attention-getting black skirt: the Victoria Art Deco Pencil Skirt. Like a vision of grand theaters of that glamorous era, it shimmers with silver and gold on a field of inky black.

A brown-eyed woman wearing a stretchy black long-sleeve top with white studs on the neckline and shoulders.

2. All-White Suits

Your style may go in the opposite direction—to white, and lots of it!

The white pantsuit had its moment on the national stage, and still deserves the limelight. Our sleek and tailored Elegant 2-pc. White Pantsuit has a cutaway jacket with a collar pleat that will have all eyes on you.

For a variation on your signature look, the Metallic Trim Sweater-Knit Skirt Suit is embellished with crisp lines of gold metallic trim on ivory, creating a style that’s striking and elegant.

A brunette woman seated on the arm of a white chair, in a white with gold trim skirt suit, gold necklace and beige pumps.

3. Black Bottoms, White Top

This combo offers the easiness of a uniform, but a top or bottom with special details lifts the look into something far more chic.

Your go-to daytime look doesn’t have to retire with the setting of the sun. This fabulous pair lives to dance the night away. The Garbo Faux-Leather Skirt has a four-panel circle skirt for plenty of movement, with a waist-slimming yoke.  Top it with the Blanca Double-Collar Shirt—its ruching and collar details lend plenty of personality to hold its own.

If you’re considering a change, why not flip the script? We’re totally in love with the sassy tonal polka dots on the hi-lo black Dot Drama Top, and we bet you will be, too. Pair it with white jeans or leggings and rock your signature colors in a whole new way.

A Hispanic woman in a restaurant, in a long-sleeve double collar top, a black box pleated skirt, and a triangle necklace.

4. Fresh Prints

There’s something about a print that brings the energy, and that’s especially true in a bold mixture of black and white. If that’s your look, there are so many ways to wear it beyond stripes.

The contained vibrancy of the Orabelle A-Line Sweater Dress makes it a perfect work piece. Its smooth sweater knit and houndstooth skirt with black trim boundaries exude competence and confidence. Wear it to ask for that raise you’ve been waiting for.

There’s energy, and then there’s drama. Big, scribbled circles tumble over the dress of the Cynthia Jacket Dress duo, with a long black jacket whose cuffs pick up the print. The length of the jacket adds impact, but the dress on its own makes a wow of a statement.

Whatever your personality calls for in the realm of black or white (or both) fashion, has something that will be a perfect match. Make sure you check out our accessories collection, too—from shoes to hats, we’ve got you covered.

A blonde woman in a black and white pleated herringbone dress with a black top, a red Southwestern necklace, and red booties.A black, white, and silver magnetic clasp necklace, with a modern art triangular pendant with circles and cylinders.

A black and white graphic print bootie, with cutout ankle area, black chunky heel, and top buckled strap.


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I also like the buy now, pay later plan, this helps me a lot, because I m now retired, thanks all. God Bless Midnight Velvet

Hi Nadia! Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying our “buy now, pay later” plan. We understand how important it is to have flexible payment options, especially during retirement, and we’re here to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible.

I have been dealing a long time with Midnight Velvet, a wonderful company, Good job Midnight Velvet, Love the styles, prices are reasonably in my opinion, All the best.

Thank you so much for your kind words and your continued support of Midnight Velvet – we truly appreciate your loyalty! We’re thrilled to hear that you love our styles and find our prices reasonable. We’re committed to providing you with the best products and service possible.

Love this place and its ideas of clothing and attitrr

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How do I get a holiday 2018 catalog. And how do I order from style and ideas

I need a job with Midnight Velvet. Exquisite!!

Love the strip skirt

We do too!

Like the shoes a lot. All black is more me

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