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Sometimes you might forget that the most important person in your life is YOU. Your spiritual and emotional health is important to everyone around you, so inhale deeply and relax. Take the time to appreciate yourself and everything you do for others. When you need a pick-me-up, come read inspirational quotes and stories right here.

The Midnight Stars 2018

Introducing our Midnight Stars-the items that our customers can’t stop raving about! Extraordinary details give Midnight Velvet its reputation for captivating styles in home and apparel.

Share the Midnight Velvet Love

We’re calling our Anniversary a 30-year love affair between you, the customer and us. You love our styles and we love having you as a customer. Tell us your story!

Our Most Loyal Customers Share Their MV Love

We asked our fabulous customer service team for a list of our most loyal buyers—and they provided hundreds! We called a bunch on the phone and chatted with them about why they love Midnight Velvet. Take a look at what they shared with us.

Our Midnight Stars Anniversary Look Book

We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary with a look book of dream items according to our customers!

Budgeting for your holiday shopping

With a few tips and tricks, like budgeting and credit cards, you can make this upcoming holiday season a breeze.

Vacation Packing Tips

Here are some tips for packing light and staying stylish on vacation this summer.

Treat yourself to a spa day

Everyone needs some “me time” once in a while, so why not treat yourself to a spa day?

Star of the Month-July 2016 Winner

Introducing the Midnight Velvet Star of the Month-July 2016 winner: Brenda H. from Windsor Mill, MD! Congratulations Brenda!

Summer wine time

Here are some ways to have a great time with some wine this summer.

Care for your skin this summer

While it’s certainly pleasant to bathe yourself in the sunshine all summer, it’s important to protect your skin and take care of it. 

Star of the Month-June 2016 Winner

Introducing the Midnight Velvet Star of the Month-June 2016 winner: Kenny N. from Bronx, NY. Congratulations Kenny!

What’s Your Style?

Here’s what you had to say about our style questions.

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