In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we’ve released a “look book” featuring some of our favorite items that have captured our customers’ hearts over the years.

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We’ve come a long way since Midnight Velvet began in 1987. Although we started with gifts and jewelry, we recognized that our clients wanted and deserved more. We expanded our offerings to include clothing, home decor, shoes and accessories.

Your dreams: All in one place

Midnight Velvet is dedicated to handpicking unique items you won’t find anywhere else. We’re proud of the products we feature as well as the devoted customers who’ve come along for the ride, calling us their “Dream Book.”

Curious what pieces are fan favorites? Our Midnight Stars icon denotes the items Midnight Velvet customers are over the moon about. We aim to captivate our audience with products that include intricate details, no matter what they’re looking for.

“Our clothing combines practicality with a sassy attitude.”

Styles for every occasion

Over the course of their lifetime, our customers will experience a number of events worth celebrating. Midnight Velvet is here to help create an occasion people will never forget through our clothing offerings.

Whether it’s wedding season, a first date or monthly dinner-and-a-movie nights with their spouses, our clients can channel their extraordinary fashion sense with our unique pieces. Our clothing combines practicality with a sassy attitude and is made of quality materials that can’t be beat.

Home decor that leaves guests yearning

Everyone wants their interior design to stand apart from the crowd. While borrowing an idea here and there is common practice, our clients desire home decor that is unique. No matter what customers are looking for, Midnight Velvet has it!

Our home accessories – from bedding to kitchenware and beyond – will leave guests asking “Where did you get that?”

Everything you want, at a price you can afford

Your dreams aren’t far out of reach! At Midnight Velvet we know you want the very best, without hurting your wallet.

Our credit plan helps you achieve your fashion and design goals with payments as low as $20 per month. With this assistance, our clients can manage their budgets and indulge themselves – all at the same time.

Midnight Velvet is proud of our legacy and the dedicated customers who have brought us into their lives. Take a peek at our look book for our Midnight Star items and more to make your dreams come true!