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How to decorate small spaces

In a perfect world, everyone has unlimited space. However, for most homeowners, this isn’t always the case. That doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream decor! You don’t have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetic to save square footage. Here’s how to make big impacts in small spaces:

Lighting is crucial

Darkness can make a room feel cramped. If you want your space to look bigger and brighter, make sure you have plenty of lighting. You’d be surprised by how much larger your living room can appear by integrating some decorative lamps. But that’s not all. Hit up your local hardware store, and head to the illuminated aisle. Browse all the different lightbulb styles. Choose a high-watt bulb for lots of light in your space. Plus, consider your lamp-shade color. White- or cream-colored lamps reflect the most light for prime illumination.

3-Arm White Shade Lamp

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Mirrors reflect the light in your home – natural or artificial –  giving off a bigger aesthetic even in smaller spaces. A decorative mirror for your wall can trick the mind, creating the appearance of extra square footage. A group of hanging mirrors in various shapes and sizes mounted on your wall can exude an effortlessly chic decor.

When it comes to enhancing the impression of space in your master bedroom, a floor-length mirror will surely do the trick. Plus, now you can easily check out your fabulous getup from head to toe!

Scalloped Wall Mirror

Keep it clean

Cutting the clutter sounds simple, right? Well, it can be with the right storage fixtures. Choose your furniture wisely. Add a hollowed-out ottoman or bench with storage to the foot of your bed to hide throws, extra pillows or other items. Most bathrooms are tiny to begin with, so over-the-toilet storage can really come in handy to keep your counter clean. That way, your products are still easy to grab but  can be hidden for privacy and less clutter.

Raise it up

The higher your furniture is off the ground, the better. Elevation creates a sense of light and space. Look into dining room tables and chairs with long legs. Kitchen islands with stools are even better! An elevated bed can make the master bedroom look more elegant. You might not be able to hide things underneath when you’re trying to clean quickly, but hey your closet is still available for stuffing.

“Combine light and dark-colored furniture for contrast.

Color coded

As we mentioned previously, lighter colors reflect the most light, creating a roomy appearance. If you’re lacking space in a room, it’s in your best interest to choose bright shades of paint for your walls. An all-white room can look clean, crisp and modern. Keep in mind: Darker colors aren’t completely off limits! Colorful hues work great as accent furniture. Choose a navy blue loveseat or a maroon sidetable. The trick is the combination of light and dark. Do that, and you’re golden (yellow is a great choice too!).

Claudette Curved Lounge Chair

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How can I get the small table and the mirror. Very elegant for my small space

Hi Kat, there’s a few tables and mirrors in the images so just shop our Home section and see what you can find to work in your small space. Enjoy! 🙂

I cannot for item #VV739887. I cannot find space to search for a item.

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