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Top 10 Spring Finds for You & Your Home [VIDEO]

Take a look at the Top 10 Spring Finds For You & Your Home!

1. Multi-Wire Jewelry. Buy Now >
2. Big Buckle Sandal.  Buy Now >
3. Colorblock Tote, Billfold and Sandal. Buy Now >
4. Cerise Off the Shoulder Top. Buy Now >
5. Lexi Pinstripe Gaucho. Buy Now >
6. Super Plush Sofa. Buy Now >
7. Glazed Red Sculptures . Buy Now >
8. Ishtar Comforter Set. Buy Now >
9. Felicia Chandelier. Buy Now >
10. Elephant Wall Plaque. Buy Now >

Which is your favorite? Tell us at or comment below!

Want to see more videos? Take a look here at our Style Video Library.


Comments (6)

The clothes an the models are really hot but….I watch the videos to really hear that clubbing music I love that music.

Very. interesting. How can I order the tangerines dress with the flare skirt. and cold selves? It is. beautiful.

Sure Mary-here’s a link to our Leona Wrap Dress: Let us know if you have any other questions. 🙂

Love the whole.Midnight Velvet line! Very excited about it.

It would be nice to see for example the back of a dress so I can tell how it may look from the back I know the front looks really nice but the back of an outfit is important as well

Very nice getting original will buy later.

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