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New home decor trends

While home decor is pretty timeless, anyone who loves to decorate knows that there’s nothing wrong with changing things up once in a while when a new trend catches your eye. If you feel your home could use some sprucing up but you’ve exhausted all of your timeless options, consider spicing it up with one of this season’s hottest home decor trends. When your friends and family come over for the holidays, they’ll be impressed with your home’s new look! Here are a few ideas that you can start with:


Just like the boho look is so popular in fashion, it’s the ultimate home decor option for free spirits. There are plenty of ways to give your home a well-traveled look, aside from displaying all of the souvenirs that you’ve picked up on your world travels over the years. If you haven’t gotten around to traveling yet, don’t worry – you can still make your home look like you have! The beauty of this aesthetic is that it doesn’t have to look so matchy-matchy to look good. It’s a style you can create slowly throughout the years while you collect more. Start with some cozy cotton blankets draped over the back of your vintage chairs and exotic looking decorative pillows on your couch. Anything handmade, especially furniture, baskets or wall decor is a great way to channel this style. A boho style is the easiest type of decor to integrate your personal taste. Let your home tell your story!



Marble isn’t just for countertops anymore. In fact, marble is making its way into every room of the house, at the moment. This material is clean and chic, giving even the most minimal area a pristine look. Try accenting your living room with some marble coasters on your coffee table, or root your favorite house plant into a white marble pot. Even marble patterned sheets are hot right now, allowing your bedroom to have a stone-cool vibe. However, just because this trend is taking off all over the house doesn’t mean that you can’t still work it into your kitchen in a modern way. If you don’t have marble countertops, try updating the hardware on your cabinets with some gray or white marble knobs.

Formal dining

While the Midcentury look will always be in style, many people are opting for a more formal aesthetic in their dining rooms right now. Whether this comes in the form of a large, elegant dining room table and chairs or displaying the fine china that’s been wrapped up in the attic for so long, people are trading in minimalism and meals on-the-go for an authentic family dining experience in a chic setting. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like royalty at mealtime? If you don’t have the space for a long dining table, though, there’s no reason you can’t still make family mealtime a priority!


“Floral can be groundbreaking.”


Contrary to “The Devil Wears Prada,” florals can be groundbreaking. While the pattern has been a staple in spring fashion for years, it’s been quite some time since florals made their way into home decor in an exciting way. Not only are fresh flowers a great way to brighten up a room, but you can even kick it up a notch with floral rugs or wall art.


Tech-free rooms

Most people can agree that the TV is the main attraction in the living room, but many people are growing tired of being inundated with tech in their homes. The answer to this is making tech-free zones. Whether it’s a cozy reading nook, or a family room that’s only been used for get-togethers in the past, having an area where you can unplug and dive into a good book or work on your own creative endeavors is a great way to make use of empty space. Not to mention, unplugging once in a while is a guaranteed stress reliever!


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checking back again in August 2017 and hopefully “the tree of life is available again.” If not why tease us?

Where can I find the chandelier/

Hi Brenda, here’s a link to our Crystal Lamps: Thanks for checking out our Style Tips. 🙂

t botanical gardens comforter set, king size, will you be getting it back i stock?

CHERIE NOV.12,2016

Unfortunately we are not carrying the Tree of Life Chair again until possibly Fall 2017. Sorry about this inconvenience. Please check back again in August 2017 when we will hopefully have it again.

I want those hanging lamps. How/where can I purchase a couple of them

is the beautiful dinner room set table and chairs on sale?


Is tree of life chair available to purchase?

Unfortunately we do not have the chair in stock currently. I will check on whether we will have it in the future and let you know. Sorry for this inconvenience Kathy.

Unfortunately we are not carrying the Tree of Life Chair again until possibly Fall 2017. Sorry about this inconvenience. Please check back again in August 2017 when we will hopefully have it again.

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