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Salsa Style by Midnight Velvet

Get on your feet!!

Sway to the beat in vibrant fashions inspired by the sultry sensuality of the Salsa! Dramatic details and expressive silhouettes you’ll find only at Midnight Velvet make every style sizzle. Take a look at Midnight Velvet Salsa Style®!  

Salsa Style from Midnight Velvet

Tell us which style you like best!

Comments (4)

you can’t really see what the clothes really lookl like because it want come larger so we can see

Hi Fa, We’re not sure what you are asking. Here is a link to our Salsa Style collection where you can click on the item you are interested in and make it larger. Let us know if this works. Thanks!

I like the color blue coblt, need a longer length 40inches are longer

I like the style of your clothing. I need a size 26 and more discounts.

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