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10 Ways to Exude Style

You already know you have plenty of style – follow these 10 tips, and everyone else is sure to know, too:

1. Stand Tall

Flaunting your sense of style is all about confidence. Whether you’re feeling flirtatious in a sleek silhouette or ethereal in a flowy blouse, your posture and disposition will have a huge impact on your overall look. Remember to stand tall with your shoulders back to make a powerful impression.

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2. Make a Statement

Wearing statement jewelry is a sure-fire way to exude style. A cascading necklace or eye-catching pair of earrings will grab people’s attention in all the right ways. You can also achieve this effect with prints and patterns.

3. Embrace Your Shoe Passion

Do you love a good pair of dress sandals? Does your heart skip a beat when you gaze upon a beautiful boot? Follow your heart! Shoes are the perfect way to tie together an outfit. When you’re in a great pair of shoes, you’re set from head to toe.

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4. Make Bold Pairings

Pairing together unexpected pieces, patterns or colors will show off your ingenuity. Color blocking, for example, lets you tell the world that you’re not afraid to put bold shades together – and that you’re definitely pulling them off.

5. Shine Bright

Metallic and gemstone details add the ideal touch of sparkle to your look. You’re personality is sparkling and bright – why shouldn’t your wardrobe be, too? Look for these kinds of light-catching additions, whether you’re searching for shoes, clothes or bags.

6. Accessorize Your Life

Your outfit can be absolutely fabulous, but it still needs a little something to push it over the edge into “flawless” territory. That’s where accessories come in. Handbags, scarves, jewelry and belts are all must-have items that will give any outfit the extra touch it deserves.

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7. Forget the ‘Rules’

When it comes to fashion, rules only exist for people who don’t already know what they love. If what you like happens to fit the “rules,” then go for it! However, if you like horizontal stripes when vertical stripes are “in,” or if you want to wear blue when everyone’s wearing white, do it. It’s your look – follow your own rules.


8. Surround Yourself With Positivity

“Positive people help you shine.”

A person’s style and spark can often be seen in those around them. Similarly, the people in your life can diminish your confidence and energy. Surround yourself with positive, happy people who want to see you succeed. When you’re in that kind of affirming environment, your confidence is sure to show.

9. Smile

Everyone has days when they don’t feel good about themselves, and that’s OK. Even if you’re feeling down, you can come off as upbeat and confident by simply smiling. This comes with a bonus benefit, as well – when you smile, you actually start to feel better. There’s no truer application of “fake it till you make it!”

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10. Wear What You Love

Finally, and most importantly, wear the clothes you love. Your wardrobe should make you feel good about yourself. When you’re dressed and ready to go, you should be totally comfortable and confident. When you wear what speaks to you, you’re sure to look great.

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