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Boots, Boots, Boots!

Here at Midnight Velvet, we absolutely love the impact of a good pair of boots. Even a simple outfit like a T-shirt and a pair of women’s skinny jeans goes from “cute” to “casually sexy” when paired with a chic, lace-detailed bootie. Here are five kinds of boots we cannot recommend enough:

1. The High-Heeled Boot

High heels are a timelessly classy look, and boots have a touch of sass and attitude. Together, they’re a powerful combination. High-heeled boots are the perfect mixture of rough and polished, so they go with anything, from a pair of jeans to a delicate dress with tights.

black boots
Midnight Velvet Topstitch Apron Boot

2. The Eye-Catching Boot

Once in a while, shoes deserve to be the centerpiece of your outfit. A pair of brightly colored, fringed or metallic boots go perfectly with an otherwise simple or neutral look. Try out this kind of ensemble, and you’re sure to hear compliments all day long.

fringe boot
Wicken Fringe Boot by Mojo Moxy

3. The Classic Rain Boot

“Practical and adorable all at once.”

Utterly practical and adorable all at once, the classic rain boot is a must-have. There’s nothing worse than ending up with damp feet on a rainy day, and waterproof boots keep you warm and dry. They also unlock a child-like excitement: You’ll be itching to jump in a puddle, for sure.


4. The Calf Boot

Some women shy away from the calf boot, but they’re missing out on a fabulous look. However, calf boots can cut across a wider portion of a woman’s leg, so many find them uncomfortable. Get a nice pair of women’s wide-calf boots, however, and you’ll be able to incorporate them into your ensembles with no discomfort at all!

fringe boot
Wicken Fringe Boot by Mojo Moxy

5. The Cowboy Boot

No boot celebration would be complete without mentioning the cowboy boot. These work-inspired boots give just a touch of ruggedness to an outfit. Want a softer look? Get a pair of Wild-West-inspired shoes, like cowboy booties. The shorter height brings the old-timey look right into the modern era.

cowgirl boots
Midnight Velvet Sequin Cowgirl Boot

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How to get the top stitch, velvet apron boot went on their site. It’s there a picture of it anyway, but can’t order it.

Hi Michelle, Thanks for your comment – we apologize, it seems this boot is no longer in stock. Hope you can find something else you like just as much!

How to wear Oogly boot. I need ideas.

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