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How to wear the must-have boho-romance style

Spring is going to be here before you know it, so make sure your closet is stocked with boho attire. This popular style is a must-have for any wardrobe because you can wear it for so many occasions. Here are a few benefits to take advantage of when wearing your boho-romance clothing:

Feminine style

Thanks to the lace and embroidered accents on boho-style clothing, you’ll get that instantly feminine appearance you love. To make your outfit even more appealing, choose a color that’s soft and inviting, such as a shade of light pink or cream. The delicate lace or embroidery on your top will make you feel like a graceful woman and give you confidence.

Mia Lace Back Blouse
Mia Lace Back Blouse

Flexible settings

Wear your ’70s-inspired clothing for a number of occasions. Do you have an exciting date to attend? Don a lacy white top and fringe-edged jacket with skinny jeans for a look that’s comfortable yet flattering at the same time. Have an office meeting? Add a touch of boho romance by slipping on a pair of fringe boots or carrying a fringe purse at your side. Mix and match various boho-inspired items to create your perfect outfit.

“Add a touch of boho style with a fringe purse.”

Fringe Crossbody Handbag

Airy and light

The best thing about boho clothing is that it’s extremely comfortable. The loose, flowy style creates a flattering silhouette and allows your body to breathe as you go about your day. The airy design of these garments will quickly make them your favorite items in your closet.

Shania Printed Duster

Style tips for wearing boho fashion

For a professional’s opinion on the boho-romance style, listen to celebrity stylist Marcellas Reynolds as he explains why this fashionable design is a must-have. As you contemplate how you’re going to incorporate boho-chic clothing into your wardrobe, use these style tips to pick your attire:

Start with accessories
If you want to quickly add a touch of boho romance to your outfit, then grab an accessory. A few must-haves you need in your closet include antique-inspired jewelry, fringe shoes and a boho purse. These three items will help you incorporate a bit of romance into any outfit you’re wearing.

Maui Gladiator by Minnetonka
Maui Gladiator by Minnetonka

Pick the perfect top
You have a wide variety of options when it comes to boho-inspired tops. If you’re looking for something loose and cozy, then Marcellas suggests trying on a poncho sweater – especially if it has fringe at the bottom. This garment is sure to keep you warm while showing off your personal style at the same time.

For a noticeably romantic touch, Marcellas advises a hand-embroidered tunic or lace-covered shoulders. You’ll love the delicate features that embellish these garments and the femininity they invoke. Fringe tops are other excellent options for a bit more of an edgy vibe.

Choose the right bottoms
Since boho style is known for being loose and flowy, you should even out the look with form-fitting bottoms. Skinny jeans are always a good option to achieve this goal. However, a flattering skirt could also work – it could even have a hint of boho with a fringe bottom. Just remember, however you end up incorporating boho romance into your wardrobe, you’re sure to look amazing.

Isabella Circle Skirt by Salsa Style
Isabella Circle Skirt by Salsa Style

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