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Transform Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom a dream come true? It’s your personal oasis—a space uniquely yours to slip into a daydream or curl up under the sheets for some beauty sleep. Choose a luxurious new comforter set as a starting point for breathing life into your entire bedroom.

Combine stunning home furniture, romantic window treatments and glam bedding for your own unique bedroom style.

These tips will help you create a relaxing retreat.

Soothing Sanctuary

Your bedroom becomes a haven of lightness and luxury with breathtaking new bedding, inspired by romantic classics and vintage elegance.

Get the Look: Layer ecrus and whites in varied textures for an elegant, feminine style.

Veronica Bedspread and Sham

Romance & Roses

A rose by any other name would still be as beautiful. The essential romantic flower, roses are instantly elegant and create a rich, cozy atmosphere you won’t want to leave.

Get the Look: Add a bedside chair and pile on pillows for an intimate, inviting retreat.

Heirloom Rose Comforter Set and Window Treatments

Purple Paradise

Purple. The color of royalty, wealth and nobility. Turn your bedroom into the seat of power and paradise using purple decor.

Get the Look: Go bold with a striking, luxurious comforter but don’t forget the matching window treatments Crystal accents make the color pop even more.

Bejeweled Romance Bedding and Window Treatments

Exotic Appeal

Tribal patterns, jungle prints, and zenful treasures will bring the allure of Africa or the Far East to your home. Embracing an exotic bedroom theme will bring you closer to nature and awaken your hibernating wild side.

Get the Look: Don’t forget to add  faux plants. Lush green touches compliment the rich browns and bronzes.

Sheba Comforter Set

Tropical Haven

Wake up exuding the relaxed attitude of the islands when you sleep in a tropical paradise. Like a gentle breeze off a serene coastline, your bedroom can contain island-inspired furnishings and accents that transport you to wherever you’d like to go.

Get the Look: Antique-style fans, faux palm trees and rattan accents make the room more warm and inviting.

21-Piece Breeze Complete Bed Set

Comment below to tell us which bedroom you’d choose for your home. 

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how do I find the prices on these items

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