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Around the World Home Decor

GLOBAL Textures, Two metal poppies wall art above a futon, an elephant toss pillow, and an orange and rattan coffee table.

Love the romantic ambiance of Paris? Are African prints your favorite? Traveler or not, there are plenty of ways you can integrate worldly pieces and create an around the world home decor. Here are a couple of location-based decorating ideas.


The continent of Asia is known for several breathtaking features, both man-made and natural, including but not limited to The Great Wall of China, Mount Fuji and gorgeous, sandy beaches. People from all areas of the globe visit Asia to get an up-close look at its tradition and charm. Want to add a little Asian flair to your home? Start with your fine China. Impress your guests with breathtaking dinner sets adorned with delicate, floral details. Tea ceremonies originated in China and since then have spread all over the world. Serve your guests green tea in a customary cup to elicit this tradition in your home.

If you’re looking to take it a step further, design a corner of your home to reflect the traditional Indian ritual of eating on the floor. Place a small coffee table, and surround it with decorative pillows for each person to sit on. This eating position is known as sukhasana, which is said to help with digestion. Plus, it brings your family or guests closer together during mealtime.

Cherry Blossom Column Table
Cherry Blossom Column Table


“Mimic an African rainforest with a soothing waterfall piece in your living room.”


Lots of people like to wear African patterns on their clothing and accessories, but there are plenty of ways to integrate these prints into your home, as well. One way to do it? Animal figurines. Africa is full of deserts and jungles with exotic animals like tigers, zebras, cheetahs and elephants walking around. Liven up your home with a zebra sidetable or elephant wine rack.


Chiamaka Elephant Figurine
Chiamaka Elephant Figurine

Don’t be afraid to change up your home’s color themes. Mimic the look of an African sunset with burnt orange paint on the walls, or opt for earth tones to evoke the feel of a tropical rainforest. You can even add a soothing waterfall for a calming effect in your living room.

Mosaic African Woman Figurine
Mosaic African Woman Figurine


This kind of style includes a wide range of places from Greece to Spain to Italy. Mediterranean decor usually includes colors found in the sea and sky with cool shades of blue ranging from teal to turquoise. Design your living room with these colors, with a bright, white couch for contrast. Opt for a glass accent table for your living room to give off that crisp, Mediterranean vibe.

Capri Comforter Set and Pillow
Capri Comforter Set and Pillow

When it comes to styling your rooms, it’s all about the knickknacks. Strategically place antique decor all around each space. Hang up mismatched picture frames on the walls to give off that effortlessly chic look. Don’t forget to combine practicality with style. Your lamps not only serve as a source of light but statement pieces, as well. Stain-glassed lighting can elicit the Spanish look you’ve been searching for.

Helen Lighted Glass Jar
Helen Lighted Glass Jar


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Brenda Meeks

I love the decorating ideas Y’all have put on here, love the tips for the home!!


I Love items from midnight velvet, from their shoes, jewelry, beddings and home decoratives . They are all qualities, goegous and inexpensive compare to the others.

Marguerita whitaker

Marguerita whitaker I have bought some items in the past and I simply love them I have been looking for the plant tree for in home decor, I order it a few year ago and they are fantastic. I would like to have more but have not seen none in the catalog.

Midnight Velvet

Hi Marguerita, not sure which plant tree you remember. Was it a fake standing plant or a wall decor? We may have something similar. Let us know any more details if you can!

D. Aguilera

I have bought some furniture in the past and I can honestly say It is simply Fantastic and classy! it never gets out of style

Mary E. Wooten

Sorry that you didn’t have the cherry blossom table came on line tonight as. I Order it and it was out of stock would really like to have two please check for me

Deborah Marion

I love the music African woman figurine it so beautiful I love to have one of them

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Published on May 23 2016

Last Updated on May 26 2016

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