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Marcellas Reynolds live chat recap

Last month, celebrity stylist Marcellas Reynolds stopped by Midnight Velvet’s Facebook page to give us and Midnight Velvet customers some much-appreciated style advice.

Marcellas Live Chat Recap

Reynolds boasts an impressive resume in both TV and print, and has since his debut on the third season of “Big Brother” in 2003. He’s written for publications like Us Weekly, Elle and Life and Style, and made appearances on “The Tyra Banks Show,” “E! News,” and the Style Network’s “How Do I Look?”

As a stylist, Reynolds has worked with A-list celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Sharon Stone and “Glee’s” Jayma Mays. If Reynolds’ style is good enough for Timberlake, then it’s a good thing we had the opportunity to ask him some questions!

Women from all over the country joined in the opportunity to get tips from Reynolds. Questions ranged from ways to dress for a date to different ways to tie a tie.

Here are some of the highlights from our celeb stylist chat:


Too old for a mini skirt?

With summer just around the corner, many women had questions for Reynolds about mini skirts. They can be an intimidating look to pull off if you haven’t worn one in a while!

However, when an online guest asked what age it stopped being appropriate to wear a mini skirt, Reynolds told her, “It’s never inappropriate to wear a mini skirt. As long as you got the legs and attitude, rock it!” Though if a woman is concerned about looking too risque in a mini skirt, Reynolds suggested opting for high flat boots instead of heels, or even wearing tights and pantyhose.

Date fashion

The age-old debate between heels and flats was a hot one during Reynold’s style advice sesh. One woman asked him what to pair with a “black bombshell dress” when she couldn’t wear heels, and Reynolds exclaimed, “Flats, flats and flats!” Embellished flats are a great pick for spring, especially for a date! Speaking of which, dates were a hot topic during the chat in general.

When a woman asked Reynolds about a good date outfit that would impress the object of her affections without being too over the top for dinner and drinks, he gave her a whole outfit that would cool and casual while still being sexy.

“Start with dark skinny jeans which are super flattering, a sexy pair of heels, and a nice blouse – not too low cut, sleeves rolled – and a stack of bracelets,” Reynolds said. “Casual. Easy. Sexy.”

Shop All Flats

“Sporty staples are incredibly fashionable.”


“Athleisure” is a word that Reynolds seemed to swear by during our chat! This refers to outfits that are stylish and street-ready, while still being comfortable. Sporty staples like vintage-looking sweatshirts, stylish sneakers and leggings for women are incredibly fashionable. For example, when asked for a go-to casual outfit for summer, Reynolds suggested printed athleisure pants with a plain tank top. He stated that this type of outfit can be dressed up with embellished heels or flip flops. He also suggested the athleisure pant as a comfortable and stylish alternative for a 40-year old teacher.

“They look great with gym shoes and a tank for running around town, flats and a tunic for work, and heels with a blouse for a night out,” he said. “Super versatile.”

Reynolds was incredibly down-to-earth, despite working with some of the hottest names in Hollywood.

“I don’t like the word makeover,” he said. “I like ‘make-better.’ There’s always space to tweak things to just do an update, but I don’t recommend a head-to-toe overhaul.”

Athletic pant

Tune in on June 6 for another chance to chat with Reynolds and ask him your pressing style queries! Get More Details > 


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