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Star of the Month Fave Responses-Nov. 2014

Here are some of our favorite responses from the Midnight Velvet Star of the Month Sweepstakes entry forms we collected in November 2014.

How do you define your personal sense of style?

  • “Unique & Colorful”
  • “I am a comfy boho chic kinda chick.”
  • “Combination of tailored and bohemian, with lots of bling!”
  • “I definitely can dress and I so enjoy putting on Midnight Velvet’s clothes.”
  • “Conservative, yet glamorous”

How would you define your home decorating style?

  • Eclectic. I love big and chunky pieces, and I love to choose one piece and center the whole rooms theme around that one item!
  • Eclectic – with a strong Morrocan influence.
  • Vintage & shabby chic or country style, so comfy. I hate anything all white or modern, to cold for my tastes!
  • My style is always changing, my home represents this wholly. No two rooms follow the same motif. Keeping my life full of exciting new ideas, home, wardrobe and spiritually keeps me excited about life!

What do you like most about Midnight Velvet?

  • Your unique designs and variety of styles.
  • Fashionable clothing that never go out dated, at relatively competitive price.
  • The beautiful bedding sets you carry
  • I love everything about Midnight Velvet. The clothes are fantastic, I’m loving their boots, a favorite thing to own for me & their selection is great! I can’t say their is anything I don’t like about Midnight Velvet! Also the customer service people are great to deal with.

What is something you are passionate about? 

  • I am passionate as a mother to six, grandma to one. I love being a wife and family comes first in my world.
  • I’m in the beauty industry and I love making people look as beautiful as they feel.
  •  My Lord and Savior and praise music.
  • My Family Friends and Home. I am nothing without my loved ones. I am happiest and most at ease when I am creating a beautiful space for them to enjoy along side one another, whether it be inside the home or in the yard.
  • Fashion! And helping others to style their perfect outfit.

What makes you feel confident & beautiful?

  • smiling at a random person and having them smile back. knowing I just made someone’s day makes me feel beautiful inside.
  • A wonderful outfit, a great haircut, and peace of mind!
  • Me! lol I just am a confident person in everything I do. I feel beautiful for my age (60 yrs.) so therefore I am beautiful. The compliments I receive from others doesn’t hurt either!
  • When I show my husband my beautiful new clothes and he really likes them, that makes me feel super beautiful, and then when I go somewhere and someone compliments me on what I’m wearing, that really makes me feel very confident. But when I look in the mirror and my reflection shines back at me, my confidence really soars! Thanks Midnight Velvet!!

Who is your style inspiration?

  • Betty Boop, she is spunky, fun, sexy, and confident.
  • I’m my own style inspriation. It’s what ever feel and looks great.
  • Michele Obama (she does simple but nice)
  • I am my own inspiration, I do not follow others. I am confident in my own style!
  • My own, I love ME!
  • My style inspiration comes from many people. My mom for comfort, my aunt for accessorizing, and my sister for color!

Find out more about the Midnight Velvet Star of the Month Sweepstakes here. 

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