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Star of the Month Fave Responses-Feb. 2015

Here are some of our favorite responses from the Midnight Velvet Star of the Month Sweepstakes entry forms we collected in February 2015.

How do you define your personal sense of style?

  • I dress for comfort and my own style.
  • I love purple and I am able to create my styles using different shades of purple to coordinate with my mood at the time.
  • Semi-conservative. I am a Evangelist Missionary and I love dressing for success…although I have learned to be a little more flamboyant (that’s where Midnight Velvet comes in!)
  • My Midnight Velvet is My Style!
  • I am my own stylist…I’m unique! 

How would you define your home decorating style?

  • Mixture of styles.
  • I love redecorating my bedroom. I am inspired and simply love contemporary designs with a smidgen of the past sprinkled around the house like an old phonograph.
  • Beautiful and to my personality and choice of colors
  • Classy, And Yet Homey. I can call my home, HOME because of Midnight Velvet.
  • A mixture of contemporary and traditional. Call me a “tradcontempary” designer.

What do you like most about Midnight Velvet?

  • Good quality merchandise, great prices, many different styles. 
  • The ever-changing style trends from home decor to fashion
  • The heavenly selection. 
  • Unique clothing and shoes that you don’t see anywhere else
  • Fashion, customer service, all of your products
  • Everything I have bought I love
  • The quality of the clothing, the elegance of the styles, and the affordability of each item.
  • I love every thing about Midnight Velvet. Your Stuff Is In My Home, And I Do Love My Home. Thank You. 

What is something you are passionate about? 

  • I am passionate as a mother to six, grandma to one. I love being a wife and family comes first in my world.
  • Telling everyone that god loves them
  • Helping others and making people’s day
  • I am passionate about helping children and those less fortunate than myself. I believe in giving things to others who really need it. I also love working with ex-felons in the pre-release program–especially the women. I can identify with them.
  • Having an impact on the lives of others.
  • I love all expressive arts, nature and dolphins. I also consider children our greatest treasure.
  • Life itself….what I see and discover from people I meet everyday

What makes you feel confident & beautiful?

  • Clothes, shoes and my man
  • Knowing that I am a beautiful person on the inside as well as my outer body
  • The look of elegance 
  • My faith and love of the great Grace of God.
  • When I look great, I feel beautiful
  • Nice dress & some heels and my bible
  • I am always confident and feel beautiful when I have the perfect outfit, accessories, and fragrance when I meet the public.

Who is your style inspiration?

  • The Lord
  • myself
  • Madonna (from the 80s)
  • No one in particular, I have my own style. 
  • My mother showed me the basic tips. I learned how to dress in a way that stays up to date and also reflects the best of me.
  • Midnight Velvet 

Find out more about the Midnight Velvet Star of the Month Sweepstakes here. 

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