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Star of the Month Fave Responses-Mar. 2015

Here are some of our favorite responses from the Midnight Velvet Star of the Month Sweepstakes entry forms we collected in March 2015.

How do you define your personal sense of style?

  • Classy
  • My personal sense of style is comfort with jeans and tops at home, and glitz for going out on the town! I love to sparkle!
  • Simple, but elegant 
  • Neat and Simple 
  • Jazzy-elegant 
  • Diva 
  • Bright & Bling 

How would you define your home decorating style?

  • Cozy.
  • I’m a modern decorator with classic style.
  • Eclectic
  • Modern touches with hints of color
  • Contemporary 

What do you like most about Midnight Velvet?

  • Everything!
  • Nice items and easy payment plan.
  • I like the assortment of style, bright colors and, of course, all of the fashion accessories!
  • The way the clothes fit and the way I look when I am wearing them.
  • Everything. You sell unique items that I don’t see anywhere else. 

What is something you are passionate about? 

  • Helping out. 
  • I am passionate about volunteering and helping with fundraising for the animal shelters in Pittsburgh. I have a rescue cat who is dear to my heart and, of course, she is “purrfect!”
  • Jesus, Mary Kay, Alpha Omicron Pl, and Gideons International. 
  • Besides my husband and dog, it would be our postcard business. We sell vintage postcards. 
  • Working hard and taking care of my children. 
  • The bible and how I apply its teachings. 

What makes you feel confident & beautiful?

  • When I feel I look good. 
  • When I wear comfortable fabrics and bright colors with accessories that give me pizzazz. 
  • Just knowing that I look great in my put-together outfit. 
  • that my husband tells me I look good. 
  • beautiful new clothes, and a nice hairstyle. 

Who is your style inspiration?

  • No one
  • Queen Latifa
  • My mom. She could decorate like it was a magazine. She died last July and I miss her help. That is probably why I am stuck. 
  • Myself
  • Business women. 

Find out more about the Midnight Velvet Star of the Month Sweepstakes here. 

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