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Gauchos are back

Gauchos have been difficult to find in stores the past few years. Luckily, these comfortable and stylish pants are back in style for the fall and easy to find. If you’ve never worn gauchos before and are unsure of how to style them, or are looking for some new ways to spice up your favorite pair, read on for some tips on how to rock gauchos with the ease of a fashion blogger:

Read below. Get more info from Marcellas Reynolds on how to wear gauchos. Watch Video > 

Fringe Leather Jacket and Sailor Gauchos

“Gauchos look great with a pair of heels.”


Gauchos look fabulous with a pair of dress heels – the taller the better! Since the bottom halves of your legs are exposed when you wear gauchos, a heel elongates them, giving you a lean and graceful look. This is a good way to dress up an otherwise casual pant for the office. You can choose a strappy set for something a little more seductive, some stacked heels or a classic pump.

However, that’s not the only way to make gauchos look fab. A pair of flat sandals are very comfortable and give your outfit a carefree look. Depending on the style of sandal, these pieces can easily transition from day to night. When the weather begins to cool down, you don’t have to toss your gauchos to the back of the closet. Instead, make sure your calves are covered with a stylish pair of boots. There’s no reason that your gauchos can’t be light and airy all summer and cozy and comfortable in the fall.

Black chunky heel sandal with black beads on the front band
Chunky Heel Sandal


While most gauchos come in pant form, you may have been lucky enough to stumble upon something as fabulous as a gaucho jumpsuit. The great thing about this cut of jumpsuit is that there are countless ways to wear it. Style it like a dress for a night out on the town, wear a blouse beneath it like it’s a jumper, or just rock it on its own.

If you’re wearing gaucho pants, there are also plenty of possibilities for what kind of top to match with it. For example, you can keep it casual with a V-neck T-shirt and some simple accessories, or wear it to the office with a sleeveless blouse and a statement necklace. Since gauchos are such a transitional piece, don’t be afraid to wear them into the fall with a sweater or long sleeve blouse as well. If you’re concerned about looking frumpy because you’re used to slimmer legs, be sure to wear a form-fitting top with your gauchos. Tucking your top in also helps to streamline your look.


“Your gauchos should be the star of the show.”


An outfit isn’t an outfit without some hot accessories, right? There are plenty of ways to accessorize your gauchos, from head to toe. Some costume jewelry sets can really make a statement, especially if you’re wearing a gaucho jumpsuit. When it comes to jackets and handbags, however, it’s a good idea to keep them a bit more subdued, since your gauchos should be the star of the show.

A good example of a laid back look with gauchos is pairing the pant with a slim fit blazer or suede jacket. This outfit allows your pants to shine, while still letting you look chic and put together up top. Choose a handbag that’s tailored to offset the flowiness of the pants as well. Clutch purses and structured tote bags are great options, depending on the size of bag that fits your needs.


Watch Video about How to Wear Gauchos with Marcellas Reynolds here >

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Love the gauchos just got me a pair I remember wearing them when I was a youg girl loved them then and love them know. I remember the first thing I made in school was a pair of gaucho’s and a short jacket (like a krop) I wore the heck out of it..??? Love the gaucho’s ..know I want a pair of nickers…take me back to tbe 70s

Gauchos being back is absolutely awesome I love them back in the day and will look forward to wearing them again… BUT those sandals are a young girls biggest nightmare, they are UGLY an to low heeled for the Gaucho trendy look… Give me a nice pair of boots — a nice 1/2/3/4/ inch heel …

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