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The Flats Trend with Marcellas Reynolds

Marcellas Reynolds, Celebrity Stylist, joins the Midnight Velvet team to offer fashion tips and style advice in an exciting 40 seconds! Take a look at his video about the flats trend!

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So long heels! The biggest trend to emerge has been wearing flats.

From bold color, to chic spectator style, to athletic-inspired, it’s all about comfort and style.

I’m celebrity fashion stylist Marcellas Reynolds, and we’re talking trends. One of the biggest trends to emerge, the flat. From bold color to chic spectator styles to athletic inspired, it’s all about comfort, style, and looking oh so sporty and pulled together even at the grocery store. When Karl Lagerfeld shows it on the Chanel runways, you know it’s major.

In case you haven’t been officially introduced-check out the Meet Marcellas video.

You can see more tips & tricks from your fashion stylist, Marcellas Reynolds, here. 

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Comments (2)

In the selection of your flats, what happens to those of us who need a narrow shoe? I would love to support your shoe fashions in a narrow show.

Really like your gold look as well as the prints.

Thanks for the comment Gerri and for the feedback for us to carry narrow width shoes. We will look into it!

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