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Marcellas Reynolds: Boho Romance

Marcellas Reynolds, Midnight Velvet’s Celebrity Stylist, gives a fresh take on ’70s Boho-chic in this video.

Watch the video to find out what he has to say about all the Midnight Velvet Style Boho Romance collection!

Celebrity Stylist, Marcellas Reynolds will tell you about the Boho Romance trend.

This is Modern Romance, Midnight Velvet’s fresh take on ’70s Boho-chic. It’s an easy, flowy silhouette that’s still sexy when worn with skinny jeans. It’s the look of hand embroidery on a tunic that’s worn with white capris. You’re going to wear this top all summer long.

It’s unexpected touches and the charm of antique lace that turn up in places like this knee-length dress worn with antique-inspired jewelry. But just think how cute this would be with the faux fur vest and high boots.

And speaking of lace, this is the yummiest top I’ve seen in seasons. It’s one of my favorites. I love the shape and I love the color, and look how pretty that back is.The poncho-inspired sweater is back, and you need to grab one, especially if it has fringe.

And speaking of fringe, the Minnetonka shoe is back. How ’70s is that? And fringe turns up everywhere, on tops, on purses, and how amazing is this metallic gold crossbody? It’s femininity with freedom and flow. It’s freedom in how you mix and match it.

How would you rock this look? Tell us on Facebook. From Midnight Velvet, I’m Marcellas Reynolds.

Here’s more tips on how to wear this boho-romance style!

Marcellas shares how this is a trend we can all fall in love with on his blog.

In case you haven’t been officially introduced to our Celebrity Stylist-check out the Meet Marcellas video.

Take a look below at some of the featured items in the video and click on the images to shop!

Shania Printed Duster
Shania Printed Duster
Pavlova Crochet Trim Top
Pavlova Crochet Trim Top
Embroidered Georgette Kurta
Embroidered Georgette Kurta
Scroll Print pant with Long Sleeve Knit Georgette Top
Scroll Print pant with Long Sleeve Knit Georgette Top
Nisha Melange Sweater
Nisha Melange Sweater

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Comments (16)

I love your fashion but I am 5’9″ size 6 do you make anything for the tall women

When you look at the clothing in the catalog keep in mind Deborah that most of the models are at least 5’8″. I think our clothing is perfect for you!

Hi Marcellas I think the clothes in the Midnight Velvet catalog and website are beautiful. They are so sophisticated I have just fallen in love with them. My only hesitation is that I am only 5’1″ tall and am afraid the dresses and suits will be too long. What do you have for us shorter ladies?

When you are petite Patricia fit is so important. I think you will find a lot of choices at MV that will work for you! Especially our skirts and dresses. You may have to have then shortened to hit you at the right spot but that is something I recommend to all my clients. Having something tailored to you makes if fit and makes it look better and even chicer!

You need more smaller in shoes I see my size every now and then size 5 please and a size 5 in cloth to please thank u

In the last Catalog I received, I found adressy pant suit I wanted to order but have misplaced the catalog. it was beige with bling at the collar. It was very dressy.

Hi Marcellas am a faithful customer of MV and am in love with your clothing line it’s mature and has a lot of fashion to it and want to assure you that I shall continue to buy from you. Forget haters and I like your responses, that lady can just have her own line and dress those who love to walk around half naked in the name of fashion.
Love you MV

Kisses Mildred! We must sail above! Have a great day!

Oh my I am almost scared to comment now, after Gloria but she didn’t see you on Big Brother!!! oh well I love it all the fashion I mean. especially the flats. My question is can you take those same styles and do a kitten heel, I had two back surgeries and I am not back to the high heels yet and now wearing flats too long bother my back, they are gorgeous and I would love a pair of each design. I can do wedges now about two inches but they are hard to find in the great styles like you have here. I will keep an eye out and maybe you can do some wedges and kitten heels for those with style but a bad back. I love you Marcellus and what you are doing

Hi Irene! Tee hee hee! Yeah… Gloria was definitely working a strange agenda. I love kitten heels and flats! You don’t have to wear high heels with our looks in fact here at MV we love a flat & a lower heel which is why we do so many chic low heeled options! Nothing is better than feeling comfortable & beautiful!

Love the looks Marcellus/Midnight Velvet has put together.Long time customer of MV.Need an ivory 2pc pantsuit,or 2pc modern winter white suit for a special occasion at my church nxt month.Love the
“Peb./hi low “look.Can u help me out?Congrats to MV n u designer choices,also to MM.My sizes r 14-16,& 16/18, (XL) mostly.I’m a short lady.Thanks????????

Mr.Marcellas I Gloria Williams Rainey would like to contact you Personally in reference to You being Midnight Velvet Fashion Stylist.I feel I am a Designer but have not been Discovered. MV need something NEW. Everything need to Go. Its been here too Long. I could bring so much to see and wear in today’s world. All MV have is out dated.Fresh and Unique is what We need. A look that’s Hot breath taking. I love the Thirty and Fifty look. We need more ofthat twist and Style.Your Jumpsuits boring. Your Dresses and Suits need a Facelift. Your Shoes jewelry all and everything need a serious Makeover.Check me out at Please Please let me help You Out.

Hi Gloria. Thank you for leaving a comment. While I don’t agree with anything that you said about the clothing and accessories at Midnight Velvet, I appreciate the passion that you seem to feel for fashion. My suggestion is if you can do fashion better than what you see her, do your own line! Why work for someone else? Do you! Good luck, wishes for success and happy 2016!

Great reply Marcellas! You handled that perfectly, very professional.

Thanks Pamela I tried! It’s easy to criticize others but the real work is creating your own success. Instead of tearing others down, do it better. Then you don’t have to be negative about others. The work and success speaks for itself! It’s a lesson I’ve learned and try and remember!

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