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Black & White with Pops of Color

Bored with basic black and white? Update the classic combo with some unexpected pops of color. Use clothes and accessories to make your black and white basics shine.

Houndstooth goes glam with a brush of lipstick red along the hemline of this dress.  Floral and graphic print maxi dresses stand out with splashes of yellows and pinks.

Black & White with unexpected pops of color

Add red and you have all the basics in one ensemble. The iconic black & white with red is the perfect marriage of subtle and standout.  Bold polka dots are tamed with a little red belt. Or flip the coin and make red the star with black and white accents. Use a crimson cardigan, pants or blazer with your black and whites for business casual.

The most iconic black & white color combination is with red.

Runways and store windows are awash with black, white and blue combos. The trendy trio dramatically “clashes” in all the right ways. Cobalt blues are all the rage so snag a couple dresses for sunny shopping excursions or beach combing.

Black & White & cobalt Blue

New accessories are perhaps the easiest way to update black and white. Freshen up your favorite ensemble with bold, graphic print shoes, handbags or jewelry.  Mix and match prints and colors for lively, unique outfits. The possibilities are endless!

Black & white & pop of color with your accessories

Black & white & pop of color with your accessories

Go ahead and amp up your salt and pepper outfits with spicy colors! A little goes a long way.

What color do you like best with black and white? Tell us in the comments below.

Comments (7)

Where can I purschase black and white dress with red belt

I love the colors and I am heavy-set person and they would accentuate the right places. I have been looking for clothes that would look nice on me but affordable…
Why do they have to dress heavy set women looking like old fuddy-duddies we like to be sexy and appealing too.

Totally agree Patricia and hope you are able to find that our styles do accentuate in the right places and are affordable with the Midnight Velvet Credit Plan! Enjoy shopping! 🙂

Hello did receive items a day early, THANK YOU! Also love my purchases & the small sash that came with it, which makes it ravishing! Thank you! Thank you!

Hello Miss April, Thanks for this comment. Great news! Glad you love your purchases and the small sash. 🙂 What did you order? We love to hear from our customers! Email us at Thanks again!

Wow nice collection of maxi dress Awesome outfit!!! Love the dresses.

Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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