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woman wearing a Braid Cloche

How to wear hats this Fall

“Women who wear hats know who they are.”  – unknown

Hats as fashion accessories express style and attitude. Fall is a great time to try a few hat tricks and stay warm at the same time.

Here’s some tips and tricks for Fall hat style:

Know your options

There are many different women’s hats styles so you have lots of choices. There’s a hat that’s perfect for your personal style – but don’t be afraid to experiment and step outside your comfort zone. Here are a few of the most popular styles:

  • Fedora
  • Porkpie
  • Newsboy/cap style
  • Beret
  • Wide-brim hat
  • Beanie

Consider the look

When trying to pick out hats for Fall, keep in mind a couple crucial factors. First, what color will work best on you and with your wardrobe. Neutrals, such as black, caramel and tan, look good during any season and are versatile enough to wear with a number of outfits. If you love vibrant colors, consider seasonal aubergine or burnt orange. You’ll look fashion-forward and festive.

Also consider the hat’s material. Felt, cotton and wool hats are popular during cooler months while woven or straw ones are best suited for warm-weather.

woman wearing a Velvet Turban

Pair it properly

Many women avoid wearing hats more often because they don’t know how to wear or pair them. There’s a hat for every outfit and an outfit for every hat. Beanies are casual so try them with jeans, T-shirts and light jackets. Fedoras can top anything from casual to a little black dress. Looking for more ideas? Find inspiration online, in magazines or observe friends that wear hats well.

Don’t be too matchy-matchy with bright color hats. Aim for neutrals and let your hat take center stage. Remember: Simplicity is better. Avoid too many colors, patterns or accessories when wearing hats.

woman wearing a Houndstooth Beret with Bow

Think about your hair

Your hair length and the way you style it can help you decide which hat suits you best. Close-fitting cloche or newsboy styles look stunning on women with shorter ‘dos, while fedoras and beanies beautifully complement side braids or hair that’s left down. If you pick a hat and something doesn’t look right, try changing your hairstyle for a better overall look.

woman wearing a Braid Cloche

Experiment with angles

Angles make a big difference in pulling off these styles. Beanies and wide-brimmed hats typically sit further back on the crown while fedoras and berets tilt. Experiment with angles and figure out what looks best. What suits your head, face shape and style may be different than what suits someone else.

Be confident

The most important tip for wearing hats is do it with confidence – all those heads turning in your direction think you look great!

woman wearing a Faux Fur Pull-On Hat

Comment below and tell us which look is your favorite!

Comments (2)

Are you woman enough to wear a Tossel Hat/ beanie style?
They are beautiful, warm, and cozy!.

Be confident: I have very short hair and this would look awesome almost like my actual hair a little more spiky but very cool. I Love it but don’t have the money to get the hat. Wish I could!!!!

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