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Star of the Month Fave Responses-Jan. 2015

Here are some of our favorite responses from the Midnight Velvet Star of the Month Sweepstakes entry forms we collected in January 2015.

How do you define your personal sense of style?

  • Absolutely off the chain and has been validated on a wide scale of many as classy sassy lady.
  • Classic with flair…love to look stylish and conservatively sexy! ūüôā
  • It’s definitely me and sometimes daring. I often get “only you could pull that off”.
  • Whatever looks nice on me and has a wow factor to it.
  • I go with my feelings, how an item “talks” to me.¬†
  • Like my home decorating style, my personal sense of style is unique. I like to be different. I don’t like to dress like anyone else.

How would you define your home decorating style?

  • Free and inspiring. Friends come to my home and love just looking at what is on my walls or how I have things put together. It is me.
  • I am a modern style person with a little hint of the old classics.
  • Classic yet a flair of unique ornateness!
  • modern with a lot of color
  • 1 of a kind perfectionist

What do you like most about Midnight Velvet?

  • I love the convenience of shopping from home, the ease of obtaining credit and the extremely fast delivery of products.
  • Finding items no one else carries.¬†
  • The uniqueness of the products! I also love the Stars of the Month!
  • Everything. Seriously. One of my favorite places to shop. Never disappointed.
  • Great variety of unusual items that are not found locally

What is a quote you like to live by?

  • Do unto others as you would have done to you.
  • If you are not a part of the cure then you are a part of the problem.
  • the only thing that separates us from the animals is the ability to accessorize.
  • There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart. ¬† -Jane Austen
  • Shoot for the moon. If you miss at least you will be among the stars.

What is something you are passionate about? 

  • God first, then excellence in every area I live. Natural and Spiritual.
  • My love for Jesus, my husband, and my children.¬†
  • I am passionate about helping my community. I volunteer for numerous organizations.
  • Helping those who fall between the cracks
  • I am most passionate of the love that I have for my family and the love that comes through the knowledge of Christ.

What makes you feel confident & beautiful?

  • Having just the right accessory to match my personality from midnight velvet.
  • A smile and a piece of beautiful bling.¬†
  • What makes me feel confident and beautiful is the love that generates from within me. The love that flows from other hearts towards mine.
  • Being polished from my hair and makeup to just the right accessories with a great outfit.‚Äč

Who is your style inspiration?

  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • I would say Stevie Nicks and also Donna Karen
  • Me of course. I like a variety of things from others but when I put them together that is truly my style.
  • No one in particular just me being me
  • Midnight Velvet,¬†Spiegel, Vogue¬†

Find out more about the Midnight Velvet Star of the Month Sweepstakes here. 

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