Midnight Velvet Credit Works For You!

You know your style works when it looks effortless. Midnight Velvet Credit works for you because it's so easy—simply fabulous.

Budget-Friendly Benefits Especially for You:

  • Fast, friendly approval process
  • Low monthly payments starting at $20 a month
  • No annual fees
  • Credit line increases
  • Secure and confidential account management

Ready to Apply for Midnight Velvet Credit?

You're going to love the first step—JUST START SHOPPING!

  1. Add items to your cart, and then checkout when you're ready.
  2. During checkout, choose "Open & Pay with a new Midnight Velvet Credit Account".
  3. Answer some simple questions, then finish checking out.

Your credit application will be submitted with your order. We'll let you know if your order was approved (usually within 24 hours).

Please note: All credit orders will be subject to final credit approval. See the Terms and Conditions.