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White Is the Color of the Moment from Marcellas Reynolds

Marcellas Reynolds
Marcellas Reynolds

Summer is here and the time is right for white. Nothing is chicer when the temperatures rise than wearing white. Perhaps it’s the ease and coolness of this color? Or maybe it’s no other color is quite so pure? When you wear white you get noticed. Is it the fact that it matches everything? Think about it. What color does white NOT match? White is the lovely base that makes colorful accessories the star.

White Dress

How amazing is our white Daisy Lace Dress when paired with gold heels and brilliant gold jewels. A white dress works a million different ways! Dress it up with heels for church on Sunday. Toss on a black blazer and our Studded Hobo Bag for a chic workday look. And don’t be afraid to rock a white frock with a black leather moto jacket for a hip night out with your girls!

woman wearing a lace white dress

White Pants

White doesn’t compete but still manages to stand out. When you have that colorful top and you don’t know what to pair with, think of our Euro Crop Pant. A pair of cropped white pants or our Lola Stretch Slim Jeans can take you through the summer in easy style. Both match everything! Think of white pants in summer the way you think of your favorite jeans. They are the easy base that elevates every look.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.14.03 PM

White Blouse

One of my favorite pieces for Summer ’16 is the Elena Fringed Blouse. It’s fun, chic and just a little bit sexy. Pair it with blue jeans and flats for an easy daytime look, or black pants and silver metallic slides for dinner with your man. The white blouse is always a stand out.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 3.50.52 PM

White Accessories

And white is not just the color of the moment in clothes. White accessories steal the spotlight. A white summer wedge emerges as summer’s hippest shoe. I love that because it’s a wedge, it’s as comfy as it is hot. And in white it goes with everything from skirts to pants and every color of the rainbow! Now match the shoes with our oh so pretty Braided Tassel Hobo Bag and you will look like a midsummer night’s dream.

Spring Footwear Harlequin Wedge
Spring Footwear Harlequin Wedge
Braided Tassel Hobo Bag
Braided Tassel Hobo Bag

Happy summer ladies! For Midnight Velvet I’m Marcellas Reynolds, your personal stylist!


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Comments (15)

I love the fact that you look out for us who have large feet with great styles. Going to size 13and including. More wide widths would be even better. Thanks.

I would like to have the Catalog, I like very much all is on the book.

For sure Fluvia! Email us your address to or sign up here: Thanks for your interest!

I love Midnight Velvet clothing-I love the hats too-but I can’t afford the hat and outfit at the same time☹️
So if you had an economical line of hats
Plus the best quality hats ( giving women
Who can’t afford those gorgeous hats an
Opportunity to still look fabulous in your designs) ????????????

Hi Betty! Thanks for the comment and feedback.

Where is the man White suite of pant sets.

Thank you so much for all the information that you provide to guide women like me on how to pull that perfect outfit together. It is so important to know how and what to wear to an event. I always want to look elegant . I am not afraid to ask. I would rather ask what to wear than wear something that make me look like and over dressed clown. Thank You

You’re welcome Ethel! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

I like the styles from Midnight Velvet. However more than twice I ordered from you and the clothes had a stale smell as if they were stored in a damp warehouse. I had to rinse them before I wore them. I hesitate to order from you since the clothes are priced on the high end and I have to rinse them to get the smell out before I can wear them. I also don’t know if rinsing them will damage them.

Hi Mary, Thanks for this feedback. We would like to look more into this if you could email us some more details about your account so we can research this? Our email is Thanks!

Yes I have asked this question twice but never received a response

Is it possible that you could sell 4x merchandise.

Please give me a response. I love all your merchandise. THANK YOU

Hi Phyllis, we do have some items in 4X. You can find them here: We are always looking to expand so we may carry more depending on how this goes. Thanks for your interest!

Love this summers look. Love white, always have but this year its fabulous.

Love it. I see the accessories and outfit that I will be ordering. Love white in the summer. Thank you so much.

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