Salsa Style from Midnight Velvet

Bring your passion front and center and express your delicious sense of the unexpected with daring salsa dresses in zesty colors and fabric that moves with you. Misses and plus salsa skirts, fashion jewelry and shoes are as vibrant as the sunset you’ll be waving goodbye to as you kick off a night of stylish fun. And speaking of fun, our Salsa Style is full of spicy hues including bright shirts, flowing ruffles and brilliant style to finish your salsa outfit to perfection and have you searching for a dance floor!

Most people think black is their most flattering color but really everyone looks better in bright hues.  Spice up your wardrobe with vibrant colors that will make heads turn and get you noticed. Don’t know where to start? Salsa Style makes it easy for you to add a zest of color to your wardrobe while adding that unexpected flair. These bold hues and curve-friendly fashions are made with fabrics that move with you.  You will feel comfortable and confident while asking yourself, “Why did I wait so long to add a spicy color to my wardrobe?” We’re not saying you should start over with a whole new wardrobe. Remember, you can make any outfit sizzle when you add vibrant, colorful accessories.


If wearing skirts or dresses isn’t your style, it’s still possible to tango in a Salsa Style top with sexy leggings or casual pants. Feel at ease in a hi-low top that can cover your tush, but still still allow you to move freely.

Go causal or dress up your look with a feminine, sleek top paired with some fun earrings and matching necklace

. An interesting neckline does just the trick to keep the eyes focused on your beautiful face.

A new handbag is a great way to update your wardrobe. Large handbags go well with casual outfits and can take you from day to night easily. Be creative, express your style. Be sure the bag is big enough to carry your essential items. Choose a color that coordinates with your outfit rather than a perfectly matched bag to maximize it’s usage. A bright-colored bag or fun print will surely be a show-stopper.

Which Salsa Style piece would you like to try? Comment below.