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It’s all in the details

Crossover Peekaboo Top & Flora Embellished Jean

Sometimes, all it takes to turn a basic piece into something truly special is a little extra attention to details. There is a dizzying array of accents that can take staples like jeans, blouses and leather handbags up a notch. If you need to go shopping for versatile pieces but “plain” is just not a word in your vocabulary, look for some of the following details and your wardrobe will be anything but boring:

Intriguing shapes

Jewelry is one of the best ways to let your personality shine through, even in a business formal environment. When looking for a piece of jewelry, you don’t want something that anyone else in the room is wearing. Look for accessories with interesting shapes instead of a simple chain and pendant. Bonus points if you find costume jewelry sets with a matching bracelet, necklace and earrings.

Blue/Green Leaf Necklace
Blue/Green Leaf Necklace

Flowing sleeves

Why pick a blouse with plain sleeves if you can wear flowing sleeves? Bell sleeves give your outfit a bohemian look, while still keeping your outfit polished. Try a three-quarter length sleeve blouse for the end of summer and fall, and transition to long bell sleeves when the weather begins to cool down even more.

Mystical Bell Sleeve Tunic
Mystical Bell Sleeve Tunic


Embroidery is a timeless accent that never seems to go out of style. Flowers, swirls and other designs always look great on women’s jeans or even jackets. If you’re not interested in patterned clothes, but the monochromatic look just isn’t you, embroidery is an acceptable way get the best of both worlds without leaving your comfort zone. Try an embroidered handbag or clutch to spice your outfit up a bit.

Flora Embellished Jean
Flora Embellished Jean

Alternative necklines

It’s important to have plenty of single-color blouses in your wardrobe because they’re so versatile. However, many women yawn at the idea of a simple scoop, V-neck or collared shirt. Opt for interesting necklines, like crossovers, keyholes or sweethearts on your plainer shirts to add a little bit of pizzazz without going overboard. Alternative necklines are also one method of making a casual piece a bit dressier.

Crossover Peekaboo Top
Crossover Peekaboo Top

“Look for booties with some sparkle, too.”

Metallic accents

Wearing something shiny is a foolproof way to add some exciting detail to an outfit. Whether these embellishments come in the form of beading, sequins, studs, or a bold medallion accent, metallics both complement the outfit while negating your need for other accessories, like jewelry. While shiny accents are commonplace on your blouse, you don’t have to stop there. Look for booties or handbags with some sparkle too.

Embellished Ankle Bootie by Midnight Velvet
Embellished Ankle Bootie by Midnight Velvet


Details on your clothing and accessories don’t have to be one-dimensional. A woven pattern on your handbag can take a single-color purse and make it just as eye catching as something that incorporates a variety of color. Other texture patterns, like cushioned or cable-knit are chic too – you just have to find the one that works best for you and goes well with your outfits!

Woven Satchel
Woven Satchel

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  1. Your apparel is really not appealing or intriguing. Some of your dresses reminds me of old women going to church.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Grace.

    2. Then don’t Hv anything to do with it. Why criticize a company no one is asking you to purchase from? Your comment had no purpose; what was the point?

  2. I love everything about your merchandise. I have always loved the looks and sophistication of the merchandise you offer the consumer. Thank you for displaying my style and character.

    1. You’re welcome Ruby! Thank you for being a fan!

  3. I absolutely love midnight velvet., I’ve ordered from your special occasion section for a Christmas social and received lots beautiful compliments on how nice my dress look on me…. Thank you., Midnight Velevet
    Sincerely one happy ??? customer

  4. Yes, I love your clothes too; I ordered a pair of jeans and am looking forward to receiving them and wearing them. I am one excited customer, I love browsing your catalog; it is beautiful! Sincerely, Lynn Lawrence

    1. This is so great to hear Lynn! Thanks for placing and order-we hope you love your new jeans. Keep in touch! Share a photo with us over email if you can: Take Care! -The MV Team

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