Summer Iconic Styles

Iconic Summer Styles

Warmer weather means hotter looks! Make a splash with sun-drenched styles, hot hues, and curve-friendly fashions. Here’s our fave pieces for this season.

The soothing sounds of gentle splashing create a peaceful haven in your home.

Inspiring Home

From comforters that make us feel luxurious, to spiritual figurines that ground us, our homes become respite. Let us show how to make an inspiring home.

Ask Maureen: What Should I Do to Get My Skin Ready For Fall?

Q: “What Should I Do to Get My Skin Ready For Fall?” Great question. Exfoliate, exfoliate exfoliate! All of the dry dead skin from the Summer “fun in the sun” needs to be removed so you can start a new. Try your local Spa/Salon to see if they are offering any specials on Body Scrubs/Body […]

Ask Maureen: How to Make Whites of Eyes Whiter?

Q: “How do I make the whites of my eyes whiter?” Good question, other than eyedrops and a good night’s sleep, there is a little trick to try. Simply apply a Navy Blue Eye Pencil to the inner lower rim of the eye. The blue appears to brighten the whites of the eyes:) XOXO Maureen […]

Ask Maureen: How to Minimize the Gray?

Q: “I am starting to get some gray hair. If I don’t want to start coloring my hair, is there anything I can do to minimize the gray?” This is a great question. There are more of us experiencing very similar situations with premature, unwanted “sparkles” (grays) in our hair these days:) I’ve found Root […]