Pencil sketch of a woman wearing a belted cutwork button-shirt tunic with an asymmetrical hem, and tall boots.

Midnight Velvet Style Story: Lily Cutwork Shirt

PLEASE JOIN US FOR A BEHIND-THE-SCENES LOOK AT The Lily Cutwork Shirt Here's what it looked like when it was just an idea... Drawn by Rachel, Midnight Velvet designer. Artfully sketched by one of our in-house designers, the Lily Cutwork Shirt is special. It was designed exclusively for the feminine, confident woman. And because it’s made [...]
Three line drawings of two mannequin dress forms and a gown on a hanger, labeled Ashley, Kirstie, and Rachel.

Designer Spotlight

Meet Your Designers Did you know you have a trio of clothing designers working for you? Ashley Kirstie Rachel Ask any of them, and they will say that you are the star of Midnight Velvet. They'd even say that during the design process, you are their guiding star. And guess what's on their mind— You!You [...]
Back view of a woman in a white tank, skinny jeans, and a sheer, light blue fringed shawl with butterflies and flowers.

Great Accessories Punctuate Your Style Statement

We all know that clothing is how we present ourselves to the world, our statement of who we are when we venture outside. One facet of that pronouncement is the way we accessorize. If fashion is our statement, then accessories provide the punctuation. Just as you can repeat a sentence with a variety of intonations […]

A woman on a seaside balcony, in a long, sheer magenta caftan with neckline sequins, and white skinny jeans and sandals.

Explore Fashion Trends with a New Top

What better way to create a new outfit with little effort than a new top? A new blouse, tunic or knit top can be paired with so many other pieces you already own that it infuses new life into your wardrobe. A new top is also a perfect way to try a new trend without […]