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Transition Your Home from Summer to Fall

a pair of urns in copper and bronze colors

Time for something new? When seasons change, home decor tends to follow. From seasonal decorating accents to new curtains, bedding, decor, etc., any update will give a home new life.

Here’s some ideas to inspire you:

Home Accents 

The transition from summer to fall is a great excuse to update your home with fresh accessories and seasonal colors. Autumn’s simple accents include rich, colorful urns, wall art or figurines. Swap out textures and colors, add natural elements and your home will be ready for the new season.

a pair of urns in copper and bronze colors

Pillows & Blankets

Remove pillows, couch covers and other summer color accessories.  Bring in darker, richer colors and textures like reds, golds, burgundy and brown. Add some throw blankets and pillows. A cashmere throw or faux fur blanket and pile of new pillows adds warmth and style. You will be amazed at how simple changes can create a whole new look.

two throw blankets throw over a chaise


Changing your home for fall can be as easy as setting your table.  Elegant dinnerware fit for a king is dressed to impress. Colors like peacock blues, purples and greens and jewel tones are a great option if you want to break away from typical fall colors. Try plums, dark blues, greys and other warm tones. Let yourself strut a little setting a rich table for company or any day.

set of peacock inspired dinnerware

Bring the Outside In

Add decorative flourishes inspired by nature. New wall decor featuring fall foliage or nature-inspired art brings the outdoors in when the weather outside is frightful. Forage for leaves, pine cones or branches to fill a beautiful bowl. You can even bundle small branches and tie with a scarf or ribbon. Simple touches that go a long way.

tree with leaves made of metal

Comforter Update

Bring back warmer bedding for the upcoming cooler months. But don’t be depressed. Use the change of seasons to spice up your bedroom by changing a duvet cover to a darker, richer color. Animal prints, checkered brown patterns and foliage print comforters are fun, inviting makeovers. 

bedroom comforter in dark, brown tones


According to, a quick way to add warmth to your room without changing out furniture or your color scheme is to simply add a few faux-fur throw blankets and layered area rugs. So easy but the pay-off is huge.

spiraled brown colored area rug

Window Treatments 

The seasonal choice would be heavier, more opaque curtains. Not all rooms need this update. Maybe just the main living room and then your bedroom could possibly benefit from a heavier drape instead of more spring-like prints and sheer fabrics. Heavier materials like velvet or wool are great because they insulate and maintain warmth.  Choose warmer patterns and colors.

Chocolate colored window treatments

How do you like to refresh your home for Fall? Tell us in the comments below!

Also, get ideas & tips on transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall here.

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Published on Jul 05 2015

Last Updated on Apr 01 2016

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