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Summerizing your life

Outdoor Pillows

The prospect of summer is exciting for just about anyone. From opening up your pool to busting out those flip flops, you’ll be making changes to your home and wardrobe alike. In fact, there are plenty of ways to summerize your life. Here are some of them:

Bring in the bright colors

Now that sun is shining, it’s time to lighten everything up. Integrate bright shades of blue, orange, yellow and purple into your everyday wear. Don’t have any? Now is the time to shop. Look for some sleeveless blouses and dresses you can throw on in the morning and be comfortable throughout the day.

The same goes for your home. If you don’t have brightly colored decor, it’s the perfect opportunity to go shopping for summer furniture. Hang some colorful artwork on your living room wall to make the room pop. Or change up your accent pillows so your couches look more vibrant and welcoming.

Here are more ideas on How to Summerize Your Wardrobe!

Adel Beaded Fly-Away Top
Adel Beaded Fly-Away Top

“There’s nothing better on a hot day than a refreshing lemonade in a summery glass.”

Spruce up the outdoors

Summer is all about spending time outside of the house. If you have a back porch, check out some new furniture and outdoor patio accessories so you can relax or entertain in style. That way, you could bring dinner outside on beautiful, summer night. Hang some patio lights for so the space stays illuminated when the sun goes down.

Don’t forget to update your dinnerware. There’s nothing better than drinking a refreshing lemonade in a summery glass on a hot day. The same goes for all of your other dishware. Get some fun patterned plates – glass or plastic to use for your barbecued meals and fresh produce. Serving is a lot more fun when your plates have a personality. Just don’t forget a table umbrella to shield the sun!

Outdoor Pillows
Outdoor Pillows

Upgrade your sheets

During the warmer months of the year, everything gets lighter in weight from your jackets to your bedding. Give your bedroom a seasonal update just in time for those hot summer months, starting with your linen. Invest in some high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets. This material not only looks and feels elegant but also regulates body temperature. These sheets breathe well, so they will keep you cool throughout those warm, summer nights.

When choosing sheets for those July evenings, take shade choices into consideration. Light-colored linen will reflect light rather than absorb it to keep your linens at a regulated temperature.

Here are more ideas on how to Get Your Home Ready For Summer. 

400-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Damask Stripe Sheet Set
400-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Damask Stripe Sheet Set

Add some greenery

Flowers are a great addition to your home no matter what month it is. However, if you’re a gardener, this is the perfect time to showcase your amazing blossoms you worked so hard on during the spring. Plus, there’s nothing better than the scent of fresh flowers. Throw sunflowers in a large, decorative vase to put on your dining room table. Lacking a green thumb? No worries, do the same thing with faux flowers, which look real but last all year long!

Indented Ceramic Vases
Indented Ceramic Vases

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Published on Jun 16 2016

Last Updated on Jun 17 2016

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